Venting about Childrens immature Mother that doesn't act like a Mother to them at all

Katie - posted on 11/21/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My boyfriends children are 7 and 8, and him and there Mother have been divorced for about 6-7 years, She is 27 and is very immature and causes drama 24/7 and when she isn't we are always waiting for her to.

I am 21, and am a stay at home girlfriend/Mother figure to them.

Both the children look up to there Mother, but she doesn't act like a Mother at all, And when there Father asks her not to do something when it comes to the kids "like no cell phones, and ect" she ignores us and does what she wants.

Just a few days ago she told both the kids that me and there Father are not going to last, that he is going to get tired of me and leave me. That and she got upset and told my boyfriend that instead of letting other people play Mommy he should just let her...

It stresses me out because it's none stop drama when it comes to her, And considering the fact that she doesn't act like a Mother AT ALL to them it's annoying!

She has said things to people saying that my boyfriend isn't a good Father to them, And how he is pathetic, and does nothing but hurt the kids...

It's just frustrating!

Just need to vent, Because I can't tell her how I feel or anything and I have already had a number of conversations about this subject with my boyfriend that he is getting tired of hearing it.

Does anyone else deal with Baby Momma drama?

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Christina Leigh - posted on 05/28/2013




I have a same but different situation I have 3 adopted sons and I deal with their mothers stuff all the time! I take it I stroll and know that I'm the better more mature person for not stooping to that level.

Prachi - posted on 05/27/2013




Sorry but you are the immature one. She will tell her kids what she feels. You should not try to control her or your boyfriend. I donr think you are mother figure either. Your views are immature as well. Perhaps she has been right so far.

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