Very attached 1 yr old

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My 17 mo old has always been a momma's boy pretty much bc I'm always home with him and taking care of everything. But he just wants me to be holding him constantly and I can never get a second even if my DH is home. Every time it seems like he might be getting over it we jump back to it being terrible again. I'm just over it.

I've tried just not picking him up and calmly, firmly reassuring him that he can play and I'll be right here but he just has a MASSIVE meltdown and sometimes will even hit his head on the ground to get my attention (where the f did he even get that???)

Anyone go through this?? I can't take it anymore


Lynette - posted on 09/15/2018




Kids are smart, they know what it takes to get us to listen. Both my sons did the meltdowns where they would throw themselves on the floor or slam their faces into it when they were in the terrible 2's. Given they did this when they got mad, but it got my attention. I ignored them when they did this or I moved them somewhere where they couldn't hurt themselves and gave them something to eat or play with. Neither of my boys were clingy, but I can tell you that putting your foot down and not giving up is the key here.

Your son knows that you'll go back to giving him what he wants after a short time so you've got to stick to your guns, don't give in. Kids need to see consistency and that their unwanted behavior isn't going to give them want they want either. Also get your husband to help too, you're a team. If he sees that your son is starting up he needs to help and take him and explain that you are busy. I know it's frustrating, but it gets better, just stick to it!!

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