Very Demanding 1yr old..

Erin - posted on 05/10/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My Daughter Olivia will burst into tears at the very smallest thing that doesn't go her way. She always has to have something in her hand, so I find myself bribing her almost because I have to trade her an item for what she has if its something she shouldnt have. I dont like arguing or fighting so I feel like I should do whatever I can to keep things calm and happy. But lately I feel she is almost playing me to get her way. Isnt she too young for all of this? Id appreciate any tips, advice or personal experience... thanks ladies!


Cheri - posted on 05/11/2010




Oh and FYI they can start signing at 4-5 months old so there never to young and I helps there IQ

Cheri - posted on 05/11/2010




Has anyone tried sign Lang.? I've done it with both of my kids and its a life saver. Insted of them screaming and you playing the wonderful guessing game. They can just sign to you what they want. Life is alot more simple that way. And you only need to really teach them 4 main signs EAT, MILK, POTTY and MORE. I teach my kids all the signs but thoughs are the main ones you need. If your toddler can wave bye bye they can sign. If you want to know more about how to do the signs or how to teach them the signs let me know


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Chelle - posted on 05/10/2010




I know its frustrating when they constantly whinge but the thing you have to be very mindful here is what you are reinforcing, and yes, they seem to pick up this very early. If you have geven her something she wants just after she has cried, she sees this as a success and consequently it rewards her crying behaviour, meaning she will think, crying worked last time, so crying will work this time.

Instead if she is not supposed to have these things, don't give it to her. Wait until she has been good for at least 5 mins before you reward her with something that way she is more likely to associate the good behaviour equates with getting what she wants.

It takes time and patience but you need to think of the bigger picture, so it will all pay off in the long term. My little boy thankfully does not cry too much or whinge too much in the scheme of things, but when he does throw a tantrum, he knows it gets him no where and fast. I tell him, there is no point throwing one as it does not mean he is going to get what he wants and only when he is well behaved will he get it. He knows, and he understands for the most part. Good luck!

Sara - posted on 05/10/2010




My daughter just turned one and she is the same way. At the end of the day I am exaused from trying to keep her happy. I feel bad because my 5 year old doesn't always get the attention he deserves because I try to make her happy. I usually try to take my children to their grandparents and I get somewhat of a break from trying to keep her happy, someone else gets to try!

Sheresa - posted on 05/10/2010




I belive this is a very trying age if the terrible two's are worse than the temper tantrums at 18 mos I might go insane. I did want to mention it seems to be worse when he is starting to get sleepy for nap time or bed time. I moved both up by 30 to 45 min and life has been much easier. We still have tantrums but not the ones where it feels like he isjust trying to get into trouble as much.

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Oh man my 11 month old is the same way! He's so curious and gets into everything, and always goes for the things he can't have! I try to strike a happy medium. I don't give in and let him have something he shouldn't just because he wants it. At the same time, I usually try to redirect him to something else that he might be interested in. Sometimes it works, and that's great- we've avoided a crying episode and we're both happy. Sometimes he still screams anyway, and in those cases I just ignore it. What else can you do, kwim?

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I went through the exact same thing with my son. It started when he was a year old and its still going on, among other things. No, she isn't too old to play you. In fact, they start really testing us at this age and developing their own personality. Sean, my son, has to get into everything he's not allowed to have. When I try to take it from him, the temper tantrum begins! I learned to just let him go. He'll either cry himself to sleep, or he'll give up. I also find that if I get his attention off of the object at hand and onto something else, he soon forgets about it. I had to really stop giving in to him constantly. He is my only child, and because of health issues, I'm very fortunate to have him. I'm very sick, and I found myself giving into every tear. I had to stop for his own good and for my own sanity. Its really hard, because you want to keep them happy all the time. I guess in reality, that just isn't possible. I hope this helped.

Cheri - posted on 05/10/2010




My son is the same way! Some days it drives you crazy.. lol. But you do have to deal with the crying in ordor for it to get any better and It will take time. My son is 15 months and when he screams or acts out I put him in time out. Know matter where we're at. lol Yesterday we were at Texas Road house and he keep screeming just because I took him in the bathroom twice and stood in the stoal untill he calmed down. It takes ALOT of paisents but I sware it will pay off.

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Hallo, Your doing an awesome job with your daughter Olivia.. I agree with Ashley Borden! My son wil be One in June, and he gets around in his walky if hes not crawling.. The walky is mainly used when im doing housework and or the fire is going.. He likes holding paper, but i dont like him to hav it. Because it goes into the mouth, and gets stuck..He has a cleft pallet..So to help, hav a basket full of her toys and things, and hav that as a 'wow' me area. Even try add some new things to it wenever you can, just so she dosent get bored there! So if she does get to something she shuldnt hav, just put her back in that area.. And get what she had from her, as u do! Hope this helps, even a lil bit! Take care!

Ashley - posted on 05/10/2010




my son was the same way. if she shouldn't have you shouldn't have to bribing her. if you take it away and she cries it okay to let her cry. i understand you might not like hearing her cry but take it out of her hands or don't give in and find a chair or a place on a wall or a pillow and have her sit there and tell her that she isn't getting her way until she calms down and understand what you doing let her up and have her tell you she is sorry. my 4 year old just fell backward when the new baby came home so i have to start from square one again. i hope this help if it doesn't a mom out here knows a better way

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