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I am pregnant with our 3rd baby due the end of Dec. I had my yearly pap at my first appt. and they said it was abnormal and they wanted to do a biopsy. I have had 2 very easy by the book pregnancies but this one has been different morning sickness can't eat dizzy all the time and now I started having braxton hicks. I want to talk to my midwife first but I'm scared if they take a biopsy of my cervics I could lose the baby. What do you all think? This was a waaaaaaaay unplanned pregnancy but I don't want to lose this baby. do I let them do it or ask them to wait if its not cancer cells they saw?


Julie - posted on 06/10/2010




I had an abnormal pap when I was pregnant with my 2nd. The doctor was a little annoyed by me because I told her I wanted to wait. But I was smart enough to know that even if it was cancerous, I wasn't going to die in the next 9 months. So I waited for that same reason...I was afraid taking a biopsy of my cervix would cause early labor. She said she'd never heard of that happening, but I said I respected her opinion as a professional, but I also have patients rights and can refuse and/or postpone any treatment I want to. 2 months after my son was born, they did the biopsy and it was fine! I'm glad I waited! Good luck!

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I'd go with no to a biopsy. I had cervical cancer 10 years ago and have had abnormal paps all my life including while I was pregnant. Same as Melanie said, my ob wanted to wait because delivery could very well "clean you out". At my 6 wk post, I had a normal pap. I just had my 3rd cone biopsy done on June 4th to remove new cancer cells. I am in the process of trying to concieve my second child and was told that I will most likely have to have a circlage (cervix stitched closed) and be on bedrest for the end half of my pregnancy. My cervix is very thin and damaged from all the biopsies. Ok sorry, point being, I would hold out until December. I don't think its worth the risk. Even, hypothetically saying, you do have cancer, you caught it early and it should be easily treated once you have your baby. Good Luck and Congrats on your little surprise!

Melanie - posted on 06/09/2010




i had abnormal cells when i was preg with my first. it had hpv. im thankful because if i hadnt been preg i may not have been to see a ob/gyn and may not have known i had abnormal cells. they did a biopsy and it was precancerous but the dr was against even the biospy til i had the baby. he said that a biopsy on a pregnant woman is generally something they try to avoid because a pregnant woman has a larger blood supply and is predisposed to heavy bleeding from the cervix because they dont clot well. but also they worry that it could compromise the cervix and there could be cervical incompetence. He also said that sometimes the strange cells "schluff off" during delivery. they waited and did the biopsy at my 6 weeks post partum check up and thats when they found out it was pre cancerous. they did a leep surgery and cut out the abnormal cells an its been years now and my drs tell me you cant tell i ever had anything done. hope that helps you.


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Jennifer - posted on 06/10/2010




Get a 2nd opinion or a 2nd pap just in case there was an error. Talk to your midwife, see if there is a better option than biopsy. Be calm, take good care of yourself, get rest whenever you can (easier said than done, I had a surprise 3rd baby too). Good luck! :-)

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Thanks guys! You have made me feel alot better about wanting to wait. Unplanned or not to risk losing a baby is more then I can handle.

User - posted on 06/09/2010




whoa that is a tuffy.... i would say wait! that is the ultimate risk, to lose your baby. thats too much to lose. if waiting is an option then take that. your gut will tell you what is best. its not always the doctors that have the right answers

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