Waiting for their growth spurt?

Wendy - posted on 10/23/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




Mom of 2 kids waiting on their growth spurt. lol Here it goes....Our son was born @ 28 weeks @ 1 lb and 11 oz now almost 8 years old, daughter was @ 32 weeks 2 lbs 13oz 4 1/2 years old now. Our son weighs about 46 lbs and his sister weighs about 35 give or take a lb. They eat almost constantly and no growth spurt in sight. I dont understand? Am I just being impatient here? lol Our son is 4t/5t and daughter is 3t/4t in clothes right now. Anybody help me on this one? Thankyou!!!!!


Sarah-Anne - posted on 10/25/2011




my 2 1/2 yr daughter is 36" and 24.5 pounds, she was born at 42 weeks 6# 13oz. she wears 2t for height but can still fit into some 6-12mo sizes. my husband and i are both skinny, i'm 5'5" he's 5'10". my niece and nephew were both born huge (well over 8 pounds each) and are both tiny now. she's almost 6 and wears 3t. he's 5 mo and is only 13 pounds, still in the 3 mo clothes he wore as a newborn. if your kids are healthy and the doctors aren't concerned don't stress about it. it could be worse, your kids could be severely obese with a handful of health problems.


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Nicola - posted on 10/25/2011




my kids are both the opposite born very average and now very tall for there age. i mostly notice there growth spurts in that there faces will suddenly look thinner than they did. i have trouble finding clothes for my 6 year old because she is as tall as an 8 year old and as slim as a 5 year old so if i get the waist to fit they pants are ridiculously short lol.

Angela - posted on 10/25/2011




Don't worry about it, they will grow...I have 3 boys 7, 5 and 20 mths....they grow so gradually that I don't really even notice, they have never had a real growing spurt....I am and always have (with the 2 older ones) bought them clothes (including shoes) and they last a full year...from Sept. til June...no worries...hang in there, at least you and I won't have to spend time shopping for new (next size up clothes) ever couple months.

Bonnie - posted on 10/25/2011




I have small kids as well so far. I am 5ft 1" and my husband is 5ft 9". I'm hoping they will end up taking after my husband in the height area lol.

Stifler's - posted on 10/24/2011




yeah they are probably taking after you i wouldn't stress too much about it unless they are seriously underweight xo

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