Want to leave partner of 11 yrs

Sofia - posted on 07/27/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




Been with partner for 11 yrs we have two beautiful daughters and im pregnant again. When my second daughter was born I started noticing him not being there. His excuse is hes working so hard for us, but still we struggle to find food or to do personal shopping yeah its that bad. Anyways couple months ago we had to move he packed us up and we are now kotching at his bro man house, this is the crib where they bring all their side women
I dont like the idea to make matters worst since I got pregnant he hasn't touched me once( 5 months ago) and we do not sleep in the same room. I sleep with the children and all communications have cut off between us. We dont talk we walk pass each other to and fro we live like room mates, he changes his own sheets he washes his own clothes comes and goes as he likes my children notices and keep asking if im going to leave their dad. He pays the bills and his excuse is hes working so hard for us, dont know who he is fooling cos im not stupid. He comes home and log on to the laptop until 3/4am incognito. I cant see his browsing history. I really want out so bad but he knows I have no money or nowhere to go. I have no family here and I cant go home due to unforseen circumstances. Ive spoken to him about the situation and how unhappy I was and he just overlooks it by no saying anything or blurt out 'what do you want from me? Im working hard to look after the family'. Then I feel guilty for saying anything. I use to be a fashion model then I left the industry was getting too much for me with my first child, then went and work at the a airport but after second child I had to resign to look after kids. Now I want to go bk to work and cant cos of my papers. Hes taking the piss cos he knows these things but still takes advantage. I use to love him now we are never seen in the same room at the same time. I am with the girls 24 hrs a day, he never takes them for a day to give me a break. 2 hrs the most to the funfair and back like he cant wait to get rid of them. What to do?


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Tylisa - posted on 07/28/2015




You see it online, hear it from friends, get told by family. It will not make it any easier. You know what you have to do. A happy mommy can make happy children! Don't let him drag you down, don't let him drag your daughters down. Teach them misery is NOT a way of life! Does going home mean going to families homes? Try it, could be better then you think. Or else go to a shelter, ASAP. There are program's to help you. From shelter, to food, to assistance financially to employment. Go to a shelter, apply for emergency foop stamps and cash aid, explain the homeless situation, get help applying for section 8 housing. Find a one stop office for employment help. They can help turn a stay at home mom into a resume! Ma'am, if you want it, YOU'VE GOT THIS!

Michelle - posted on 07/28/2015




Like Sarah said. Find a women's shelter and leave. This is already affecting your children, do you want them to think that this is how a marriage should be?

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