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So I'm a SAHM with 2 kids (9&6) they both go to elementary,so now I get soooo bored when i'm by myself,I want to look for a job,but since I've been staying at home for so long,I feel idk a little scared to go out there and look for a job,I mean I have no references from past jobs and all that,I don't know if they'll hire me?any advice?has any of you been in this situation before?please help.


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I stayed home with my son (11 months) alone due to my hubby's deployment. going back to work was really intimidating after being out of work for a year. I just completed my first week at a college (part time instructor) and am so happy I did it. I was honest during the interview and said that stay at home is a luxury now a days and I wanted to take that opportunity to enjoy it and the interviewers seems to appreciate it.... even gave their own experiences. try temporary agencies to give u a head start. I did temping for a yr before I stayed home and made a lot of connections and gained a lot of diverse experience that helped me be a more well rounded employee. give personal references if you dont have employee references. I'm glad I made the decision to do part time... I wasnt ready for too much on my plate. so take your time and take a job that is right for you. good luck!

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Candi - posted on 11/06/2010




I understand completely. I have been a SAHM off and on for 11 yrs. When I worked as a sub in Germany, I have no references b/c that school is no longer open. So I am now a volunteer and hoping I can use that as a reference when I want to go to work full time at a paid position. Its hard to do anything with my kids' school hours (9-3, and 9-1 on Wed) and my husband works nights. It doesn't give me many options. Good Luck finding work

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Just be honest in your interviews. Tell them that because you choose to be a stay at home mom for so long that you no longer have work references. If you can get personal references, that can work as well. Just be confident in yourself. Going back to work after being a SAHM is scary but it can be done. I went back to work after almost 2 years of being off, and it was scary but now I am glad I did (I work 3am-9am then stay with my 18month old son during the day)

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