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Jessica - posted on 10/07/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




We had our two boys when we were younger, which i do not regret. But I have always wanted a daughter. At the moment I am a student and a stay at home mom but will be returning to work in a few years once I fully graduate. Though I am very happy with my beautiful boys something inside me still feels like I am missing my daughter. By the time i graduate i will be 31 and my children will be 12. It worries me one having a newborn at that age (which is silly i know women do it everyday) and my boys already being so old. My husband really does not want another child but for whatever reason I cannot let it go. A close friend found out she was pregnant with a girl and while I was very happy with her I could not help bursting into tears. For the last two years the obsession just seems to eat at me. Am I just missing what I do not have? I didnt grow up with a mother so am i just compensating? Im just not sure how to handle my desire to want a daughter when my husband doent share it. Though he says he would for me I just do not feel like it is right if his heart isnt there. Anyone ever been in this situation? I dont want ten years to pass and regret never getting to experience that bond.


Jodi - posted on 10/07/2016




It may be worth talking it through with a counsellor. After all even if you have another one, there is no guarantee with will be a girl - there are women worldwide who continue having babies to have the boy or girl that was elusive and it never happens. My own mother kept trying for another girl (I was the oldest) and ended up with 4 boys. I'm concerned about the fact that you are bursting into tears over a friend having a girl - this does indicate deeper issues. It may be a good idea to explore this.


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