Wanting tips, advice please!!!

Amber - posted on 03/04/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a SAHM of a 16 month old son and will be sitting a newborn girl ( she will prob be almost 3 months by the time i watch her) . I will watch her whenever both of her parents work... i just want some info , tips and advice on this, its goin to be like having 2 kids for myself and this is something different, im kinda worried my son will be jealous?

Anyone go through this?


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Christy - posted on 03/05/2010




No but my oldest was 14 months old when his sister came along. At first he didn't like her at all but now that they are older they are best friends. There are somethings you can do to ease the situation. Make sure you hold your son after holding the baby, show as much equal attention to him as you do with her as you can. Take them to the park on walks in a double stroller (if you can). Don't leave your son for a second alone with her since she is so little and he can hurt her unintentionally....my son would try to sit on his sister when she was playing on the floor! Remember too that the baby won't be there all the time so it will be easier for you. You will get more of an opportunity to spend quality alone time with your son after she has gone home.

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I did this many years ago when my daughter was 4 months old I took in my nephew when he was just born. It was like having two babies and it was hard and wonderful. Today they are still best friends at 11 years old and he is still my special guy! It is what it is and its not a big deal if you don't make it into one!

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im going threw it now im a sahm mom of 1 an i babysit my lilltle cousin since she was 2 weeks old the kids are 1 yr an 19 days apart in age an it is very hard, i have her mon-fri 8am till 5 pm its like having two kids you will be doing 2 of everything at the same time you son will probally be jealous mine is an most likely not want the baby to play with any of his toys an might try to hurt the baby you have to watch so closley when its a baby an a toddler becasue toddler dont know no bettter an babies are helpless but like how kristin said make sure you always let your son help with everything he can, good luck

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I agree with Kristin, this will happen weither it is your own child or someone else's. I started watching other kids when my daughter was a year old. The boy I was watching was 2 months old and I was already pregnant with my son. I had to make sure that Emmy got "her" time everyday. Since the baby slept more then her during some of his naps I would just sit with her and read a book or play, house work always had to wait til daddy got home for a while, then she had her Daddy time. It will become a balancing act! Just make sure that he sees everyday that he has your time to himself at least for a little while!

Good Luck and God Bless!

Kristin - posted on 03/04/2010




Any parent with more than one child has gone through this, only the second doesn't go home at the end of the day. Yes, he will probably be a little jealous. Try to introduce them before the sitting starts. Maybe do a little research on what to do when bringing a new baby home if you were having one. There are some really good books out there with ideas on this. Make sure to make it very clear that it isn't okay to be mean to the baby. Tell him it's okay to be angry with you for the time you have to spend with it, but not okay to do anything to the baby. If you make this a game for him, he will be much more open to all of it. He can be your helper, pick up and return dropped toys, sing songs, and you will come up with things as it goes. Just make sure he gets LOTS of praise for the good stuff he does. Good luck and patience to you.

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