Ways to discipline a 4 year old...

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What have you found to be an effective discipline for your 4 year old?


Sarah - posted on 04/27/2010




I find time-outs and taking things away works well. Big thing is you have to follow through and be consistant. Time outs are done in a spot where I can see them, but they are not apart of what is going on. It is away from toys and TV. They do not get my attention when they are in time out. If they get out of time out I put them back (without saying a word) and start the time over. They must sit there for the WHOLE time without getting up. Crying in time-out is fine screaming to get attention is not. That gets them in bed. If after a time out the behavior continues then something is taken away. With my daughter gum was her big thing so often times that is what was taken away, but each child is going to have a different thing that means a lot to them. But MAIN thing is ...is FOLLOW THROUGH AND CONSISTANCY. Without that no matter what discipline you use it does not work.


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I Googled Behavior Highway and did not come up with anything. Would you be able to give me a link to their site?

Ameriah - posted on 04/27/2010




look up a program called Behavior Highway. it's a great system that works well. our little girl hates losing her yield signs and the system works great for our 8 year old as well. my husband is a school teacher and even modified the program to use it in the classroom. The program was recommended to us by a licenced psychologist who works at our church.

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