ways to manage when a father walks out on u

Kenettra - posted on 04/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




It hurts so bad when a man walks out on You and your stuck mentally physically and emotionally alone with that child its so pathetic and sad it should never be this serious so unfair I'm not sure if anyone here has experienced this but if so please help my body screams revenge on the father but Nothing could make up for this pain and hurt What kind of man would do this and be OK with it and not care about hurting the child so evil


Linda - posted on 04/26/2012




Hi there Kenettra,
I'm sorry to hear what's happened honey. It is very upsetting to see how many dead beat dads there are out there in this world. A world that are in desperate need of their fathers. I personally have not experienced this, but let me tell u I have friends that have, and one of my own sisters is a single mom.
First, it's the most admirable thing for me to see how commited single moms are set out to have to play both the mom and dad roles. So first thing I tell you is, you can do it, and your child will appreciate you in the long run for it! :) My mother had to be a mom and dad most of the time too, cuz our father was/is an alcoholic. She gave him an ultimatum and he decided to keep the booze. We supported her decision, knowing she had tolerated enough. They get along now as friends, but live separately. Besides the point, there's a saying that goes, "Its better to be alone than with someone who is only going to bring you down." In this case, you and your child down. You dont need that. My sisters baby daddy has been more out, than in the picture. And yeah, she's better off not having him in her sons life. He's nothing but a bad influence for her son anyway.
All in all, my suggestion to you sweetie is finding a good support system. Wether it be your family, friends, trustworthy neighbors. 2nd...Let go of the loser dad, some day he'll regret it, but dont take it upon yourself to get revenge. It's not worth it. Let go let God is my modo. ;) Giving him any more attention is last thing you'll want to do. Focus on you and your child, cuz he/she will look up to you now as the role model in his/her life. Hope this helps...keep faith, and keep your head up! ♥

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