we take it all on

Gina - posted on 12/07/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




why do we have to pick up the slack of EVERYONE in the house? I have 4 kids + hubby = 5! I do it ALL. I stay at home & take care of anything & everything...hard on me with minimal sleep, the laundry never ends, & now I have to check oil in my car because again I am the only organized 1 to manage it all. I currently have 1 child with ADHD & hubby too...along with 2 with asthma. That alone is a full time job never mind anything else. The only draw back is I don't take care of me. :( Need to work on that...just so hard. kids are 10, 5 & 2 yr old twins.MY hand are full! :)


Michelle - posted on 12/08/2015




You don't HAVE to do it all, you divide up the chores and get everyone to pull their weight!
You have obviously started out your married life doing everything for hubby and then the family so they now expect it. They can all learn to do their own laundry, wash the dishes and clean the floors to start with.
If you put your foot down and refuse to do things for them they will soon realize that they need to do things for themselves. You aren't doing your children any good by not teaching them basic housekeeping skills.

Jodi - posted on 12/07/2015




Your older 2 children are old enough to do some chores around the house, as is hubby. Time to divide up some of the responsibilities.


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