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Do you think this is ok?

My little one is 6months and 1week old!

He was feeding every four hours which was working lovely for two weeks the routine was as follows!

7am 8oz of formula and porridge or half a weetabix with full fat milk.
11am 2 or 6oz of formula with a purée
3pm 7oz of formula with a purée
7pm 7 or 7oz of formula bed time feed!

After two weeks the routine has changed again in the fact he is now only having 3 bottles a day. So routine as follows

7am 8oz of formula with porridge mixed with fruit purée or half weetabix with full fat milk.
11:30/12 main(sometimes only four spoons) and pudding consisting of fruit purée and natural yoghurt
1:30 6 or 7oz of formula
4/4:30 main and pudding
6:30/7 6 or 9oz of formula

Is this routine ok? I'm worried he is not getting enough milk and that he has dropped that forth feed to early but how we are on the path of three bottles I don't want to go backwards. I've tried offering snacks in between but not interested. Health visitor suggested doing finger foods and offering formula milk in a cup but I'm not convinced !!!

Any thoughts

Thanks x


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Nadine - posted on 08/03/2013




His weight is 16lb 1.5oz. I got him weighed this week. He is on his line but When i got him weighed he was on four bottles, the Health visitor said to try and drop the mid-morning Feed, giving Milk in a cup instead Haven't seen the doctor. X

Rachel - posted on 08/02/2013




How is his weight?
Have you brought this up to his doctor? If he's taking more solids, it's only normal for him to not want as much formula.

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