weaning my 12month old daughter and I am looking for a way to get her to sleep w/out rocking!

Kat - posted on 02/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter doesn't want to rock, but is overtired and I am weaning her, she used to nurse to sleep. I swaddled and I put a hat on her head tonight. That worked, while me walking her to sleep, but that didn't work last night, any clue as to what to do?


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Misty - posted on 02/21/2010




Ok, for weaning, I stopped breast feeding at 6 months, but my trick was that I pumped the milk and feed through a bottle, up till 9 months but in that time I would give her formula bottles as well, when 9 months hit it was just formula and 12 months was formula and whole milk and to wean from the bottle I started giving her a straw. As for at night, lay with her and pat or rub her back or do a body massage while humming or have soft classical music playing. Jeannie Traverso also has a good idea too. So if one doesn't work try the other. But soft music was the best way I got my daughter to sleep! Good luck, if you have any more questions look me up! :)

Kim - posted on 02/21/2010




Once I weaned my youngest that was it for naps unfortunately but they were all used going to bed awake or somewhat awake. We weaned in the middle of the at night and did CIO as needed. One thing that really helped all my kids was the Fisher Price Aquarium(well they had something that shown on the ceiling for my oldest). They got used to being able to put it on by themselves and putting themselves back to sleep. Before that I would put it on. My oldest daughter is 7 and still likes to listen to it at night. good luck

Jeannie - posted on 02/21/2010




Do you have to wean her or do you want to wean her? If you want her to start learning to fall asleep on her own without rocking. Put her in her bed, you'll have to start off by patting her back, side, or whatever works best for her... This may take a few days. DON'T GIVE IN. Then sit on the floor, patting her back, once again...a few days.. move away to the end of the crib. Don't pat, but stay close by, then the door way... Hopefully, she will have learned to put herself to sleep by then. You may have to go back in do this a few times, but being consistatant pays off.

If you don't have to stop breastfeeding... Call her ped. and ask why you should. Most babies stop on their own at 18 mo. If you don't want to go that long. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU, NOT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY!!!

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