wears diaper to bed at 3yrs 10mths

Patricia - posted on 05/14/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have a 3yr 10month old son, who has been potty trained from 2 years, but still wears a diaper to bed.

how do i wean him off the diaper, because the diaper is wet every morning, which he disposes off as soon as he gets up.


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My son is three too and i havent even tried to get him out of his nappy in the night yet. Im not planning on trying until hes four, i did this with my other two sons and with my oldest i never had a wet bed, my middle son he had two wet nights and was dry from then on. I think being that little bit older makes it easier. I would recommend stopping their drinks before they go to bed though and if you havent got a upstairs toilet i suggest putting a potty close to their room.

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If you dont put the effort into the night time then a child will go to the age of 5 and over not getting into the routine of waking to go to the toilet.The know they are wearing a pull up or nappy so why would the.It does take effort on the parent most definitely and it took a few weeks and she was all sorted.I put the effort in and it paid off if you dont and wait for them to do it then be prepared for a longer wait to an older age.I believe its because there clever and not stupid the dont wake because there used to having a nappy and pull up.Maybe i am wrong but a few weeks of effort beats a few more years of buying pull ups and nappys.

My child wet her bed once in those few weeks.My daughter never had a dry nappy the next morning, and even from the time she was out of the nappy to now the age of five shes up herself twice a night to pee.

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My daughter is 3 yrs and 6 months and she is only just out of her night time diaper and i mean in the last 2 weeks out of them. I figured it was better then having to change her sheets and possibly bedding everyday. So i let her go until she was ready which i only knew as her diaper was dry when she 1st woke up and was only taking it off and putting it in the bin after she had done her 1st wee of a morning.

I am currently trying to toilet train my little boy who isnt quite 2 yet but always takes his nappy off after 1 wee and wants to use the potty. Fingers crossed he is easy! :)

But i'm sure your son will be dry when he is ready.

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Hello,my first was out of the nappies at 12 months during the day by her own choice.Very independent and head strong lol.At night she was 2-3years old.I had to tell her to go before bed and even when she was asleep i would put her sitting on the toilet and tell her to go.She would be half asleep half awake and would go most of the time.It took a few weeks and she was out of them.I Would advise not to give drinks an hour or even two before bed time this will cut down the amount of times the pee during the night.Your son while get there,just keep going and getting him into the routine of this and in no time he will be out of them.All children get there in there own time as i said it was early for my girl during the day and longer for the night time.So dont worry and it will happen.Take off the nappy or pull up.Explain to him whats going to happen and get him used to the night routine.Wishing you both the best:-)be persistent

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I wouldn't stress too much, he is still quite young. As long as it is not bothering him I would just leave it until he is ready. I know it is a pain but it's easier than changing wet sheets every morning.

I don't think that you can force children into these things. Maybe you could try a pull up and try and encourage him to get up during the night to go to the toilet if he wakes? it's difficult because if they are not waking up to go to the toilet then there is really no point in trying to get the out of nappies, unless you are prepared to wash all of the sheets.

They will usually grow out of this in their own time, once he has had a few dry nights try him without the nappy and see how he goes.

Sorry I don't have any miracle cure, but just know that it is very normal. Good luck.

Patricia - posted on 05/14/2010




Thanks Sarah, at least i know i am not the only mum, struggling to get my son off the diaper at night.

Sarah - posted on 05/14/2010




Sorry cant help you but my son is 3 years 9 months and still wears a pull up to bed so im in the same boat, and could use some advice too

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