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Victoria - posted on 12/02/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




okay, so... my husband and i rushed our marriage for good reason
we had one person as our witness, someone both of us barely knew.

we live in shitty olivehurst, ca
horrible place.

i'm from nyc/florida


my sister lives in alaska in the coast guard, its so hard for her to get off the island sitka..$900 hard.
my eldest brother will not be there with his wife or kid cause he cant stand my mom.
my dad wont be there cause hes stubborn
my parents have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO money.. literally

michaels parents are kind enough to help us out financially on occasions when we have needed it.
though they are saying they will be able to chip in only $500

they wish for the wedding to be in maine where ALL of mikes family is.

my mother lives in jacksonville fl with her quadriplegic husband

i'd like to have a winter wedding
i'd like to have a nice wedding in general!
we have not been capable of saving up even a dime for he wedding yet.
we know we need to begin,

the one thing i am very picky about is my dress... it'll prob be about $500

am i screwed into not having a wedding at all?


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Michelle - posted on 12/03/2009




i had a hawaiin luau for our husband and i paid for it because neither of us came from any was very nice and casual...everyone including us in hawaiian shirts/dresses lots of leis and flowers. the actual ceremony we had in a neighborhood park (for no fee!) we had a very close friend ordained (online) to serve as the officiant ~the person that married us! that was very cool and free as well!!
we had our luau at an american legion hall...decorations were maybe $300 the hall had a food package that i chose but you can also use their kitchen and cook your own...make your food ~ freeze it and then bring it there to heat it up ~ buffet style sometimes is cheaper but family style isnt too bad either...

Michelle - posted on 12/03/2009




hahaha yeh lol, might take it up lol when I move to the US virgin islands...but i just love shopiing!!!! and i think thats what helps hehe. if you need nay other ideas id be happy to throw some ur way. :)

Michelle - posted on 12/02/2009




Your not screwed you just need to budget and it can be done. Try printing this...

Find a priest from the local church where you will have the wedding...he may want you to get married in the church but its your choice where he marries you. (he can not practice outside of his area) find out if there is a fixed rate price or whether you can just give a donation to the church.

You do not have to have bridesmaids, but you can have a flower girl and paige boy if you can get either/both. Rent thier outfits or buy from a cheaper store...such as... or

Your dress can be found on here...look at this one! for $100

a bouquet for $10

Try hiring a decent rental vehicle for the day and have friend drive you around instead of renting a limo which could cost at least $300 for the day. You could get a white chrysler 300.thats through Avis car hire.

I think that your parnters mom needs to rethink her attitude to where you get married...they have the money so why dont they go over to florida instead? It will probably cost around $400 per person to get your mom and her husband over to maine.

your oldest brother is can he want to spoil your day over your mother??? surely he should put his own feelings aside for your day if he loves you. same goes for your dad (im not dissing them in any way, so please take no offense..i just find it hard to understand how ppl can act like that).

You can have the party at someones can get a friend to make food. You can do invites on your computer or by hand for around $80. you can also say on them....we wouldnt like presents, just money towards our big day...some people like my sister in law, did this., she asked for money instead of presents as they were planning to buy thier home...she got like 3 thousand pounds!

You couls ask your brother to help you out if he wont attend...could he be your driver..that way he can be part of your day and not see your mom. Ask his wife to be a part of the day by helping you set up the day...this way she also doesnt have to meet your mom but be helpful..she can blow up balloons or help you get ready on the your hair etc..

Hayley - posted on 12/02/2009




do it where ever you want, its your wedding day not theres. wherever you choose to get married you will dissapointing someone. do wha you think is right and what you want to do

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