weening a 9 month old thats just not ready

Amanda - posted on 01/28/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 9 month old is sleeping in bed with me because im breastfeeding and it was just easier for me at the time well now that she is crawling the time has come to put her in here crib but i feel the only way to do that sucssesfully is to ween her off nursing but everything i have read say she isnt ready cause she wants to nurse all the time i would say more then 10 times a day and she wont take a bottle and she is just now starting to eat food to the point where she is full...is taking her out of bed and taking nursing away going to be to much and what are some good ways of doing this is going cold turkey a good way to do it?


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Caryn - posted on 01/29/2010




I agree that there is no need to completely wean her. Shes still young. I would first night wean, most babies her age arent nursing at night because they are hungry, its just a comfort to her. Once you have done that successfully start transitioning her to her crib. Start out (if you have the space) with her crib (or even playpen) next to your bed. After a few nights move it closer to the door, wait a few more nights then move it some more. Eventually you can get it into her room and by then she should be used to sleeping in her own bed and away from you.

Amy - posted on 01/28/2010




I would definitely not stop nursing, especially cold turkey. I breastfed both of my kids to 18 months. Of course, after about 10 months breastfeeding times gradually shortened with the addition of whole grain cereals, veggies, and fruits. At about 10-12 months I gave my kids sippy cups to help them feel more accomplished. This helps because by the time they reached 18 months they basically weened themselves. You will be able to read your child when the time comes. If you try the sippy cup method make sure not to let them sleep with it and try to only put water in it, no milk. In the meantime, enjoy nursing as it is all too short. It's a great bonding time before the toddler emerges and doesn't want to stop running circles around you. When you do stop it is almost nice, but then you miss it. So enjoy it while you can. Both kids co-slept with me until about 7-8 months or so then I moved them to a toddler bed next to my bed. Then at about 10-12 months I moved them to their own room. This worked very well. Well, I hope that helps. Good Luck and take care.

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I can't really help you but I can say that no matter what you do, it's not going to be easy. So why wean? I really don't believe that will make anything easier. In fact, it may be the exact opposite. Although I can't offer you any advice, I would like to at least encourage you to continue nursing. Best of luck to you.

Amy - posted on 01/28/2010




I nursed both my boys til they were 18-19 months old. My first son I was 3months pregnant at the time so I was already starting to lose my milk. I just stopped one night in bed. I gave him a cuppie with pedisure ( vanilla) only because he wouldnt take whole milk, and this was sweet..he didnt want anything to do with the cuppie that night, but I never gave in. He took it the next day. But the pedisure drinks are expensive if thats all they drink. my second was a little harder. he had to sleep in the other room with his dad for 3 nights to get him off..

Cori - posted on 01/28/2010




you dont have to ween her off of nursing, i co slept with my breast feeding son and i got him in his crib while still breastfeeding him. what i did was i stopped the nursing in bed. i would nurse my son to sleep on the couch away from his room and then rock him/carry him up to his room, laid him in his crib and let him sleep. i let him use my pillow from bed because it smelled like the bed he was used to. when he woke up in the morning i would still bring him in bed with me sometimes (he would wake up around 5 am and i was not ready to get up then!!) and let him nurse for a little while so i could get some extra zzz's.. we did reduce the amount of breastfeeding at night and him moving to his own space helped him to sleep better and longer!

just remember you dont have to give up on nursing just to stop co sleeping! even a bottle fed co sleeping baby is going to have a hard time moving to their own bed! unless you want to stop nursing but thats a personal choice! good luck to you and whatever you choose to do!

Tania - posted on 01/28/2010




I nursed my son until he was 15 months old but he would occasionally take a bottle and he ate food really well. Cold turkey is how I did it for breastfeeding and the bottle. Good Luck!!!

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