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Ashley - posted on 02/12/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




ok so heres my problem i would love to loss my baby weight i had back to back pregnancies and i gained a fair amount of weight for the 1st and didnt get any of it off by the time i was pregnant with the second then i gained alot of weight .. my real problem is i can do most exercises because of health problems i have a really bad back and both knees suck so i cant do sit up or push up that kinda thing .. but i can walk .. my question is .. will walking even help get rid of it enough so i can try to do other things?


Wendy - posted on 02/12/2010




Can you swim? My morther-in-law swears by swimming. Walking should help but you won't see quick results. Good Luck


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Theresa - posted on 02/12/2010




I was very overweight after my first two kids. I had put on 80 lbs. I started walking a mile everyday. It was hard at first. As I got going I lost more and more weight which made it easier to walk, so I'd go faster and longer. I got up to two miles, then started adding a little jogging into it. First I'd jog one block - walk two, then jog everyother, then jog two - walk one. Eventually I made it up to jogging three walking one. Walking is a start and will help alot if you sick to it. You have to get it to be a routine. Everyday. If you start making excuses why you can't today you'll never get it a routine. It takes about 6 weeks to make something a habit. Stick it out that long then it gets easier to do because it is just part of what you do everyday. You also should pick a specific time each day to do it. I went out at 6:30 AM. My husband was home with the kids (all sleeping), and I was back in time to get them up and ready for school when my husband left. If the kids are little put them in a stroller and go. I had foster kids over the summer and after about two weeks of walking each morning after we all got up they loved it and couldn't wait to go walking. It helped make it so I didn't have excuses. I also watched my fat intake. If I was buying crackers for instance I'd grab two kids I liked and pick the one with lower fat. I lost 70 pounds, then ended up pregnant again. I was working on losing that babies weight when I found out I was pregnant AGAIN! :) Once this babies born I plan to get back at it and lose it all again. Good luck!

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if you walk for 40+ minutes at kinda a fast pace then yes it will work wonders, if you have time warner cable they have a excerise on demand channel an they have 1-3 miles of walking on there that you can do in your home if the weather isnt good outside or if you just want to do it in your house

Ashley - posted on 02/12/2010




i can swim but i dont like being in a bathing suit since i put on all this weight .. i was a bigger person to begin with always have been i was around 160 before my pregnancies and that was my normal weight so

Laura - posted on 02/12/2010




Walking is definitely worth it! Not only will it help you get rid of weight, but it will be easy on your knees, etc. which will help you stay in shape longer. Also, walking will help you to begin building endurance for future exercises you may interested in so that when you are able to do them later on, you'll already have a greater physical capacity than you would if you just started trying those same exercises now. Good luck! :)

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