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Heather - posted on 01/03/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




My lo is 6 months and 3 weeks. She was born 6 lb and 13 oz and currently weighs 13 lbs. She's never lost weight but has been a slow gainer. She's a small baby. I pump and a GI specialist for babies said to add oatmeal and rice to EVERY bottle which has definitely helped. Her pediatrician referred us to the specialist , and the specialist said he didn't see anything concerning. He said she was small but strong. I have introduced veggies and fruits but she's also teething! She had 4 top teeth come in recently and wouldn't eat a lot. I gave acetaminophen sparingly (once a day for a few days). They finally broke... She has normal pee/ poos and normal amount.

Her oz recently went up from 20 to 28. I am constantly offering a bottle or solids. Sometimes I can get some extra ounces in and other times not. She's a very kid.…. crawling and trying to climb every where. I feel bad she's small but her doctors are starting to think she's just burning a lot of calories during the day.

Have other moms ever experienced this? What happened as your baby got older? Did they eventually gain more ?


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Jodi - posted on 01/04/2017




My daughter was born at 5lb 2 oz at full term, and she was also a slow gainer for much of her earlier life. Her pediatrician just determined this was part of who she was - as long as she was healthy (which she was) and still gaining (no matter what small amount), remaining on the curve (this is where you need to plot the weight onto the curve to ensure she is maintaining a similar percentile for her age), and hitting her milestones then we weren't overly concerned. It was about the 6 month mark that we decided this was normal for her and not to be concerned.

She was probably about 5-6 before she really started catching up with the other kids. Until then, she was always just one of the littlest. Healthy is the key.

She's now 11, and pretty average - not one of the smallest, but not one of the biggest either.

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