wetting the bed!

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My boy is 4 and a half has been toilet trained for a year and dry at nights for about 6 months. the last few weeks he has been wetting the bed several times a night! There havent been any upheavals or changes, and I honestly cant think why he's doing this. Any tips? he was very hard to toilet train, he's quite lazy and is happy to sleep in bed all wet.


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Be patient. My daughter wet her bed at night until she was 5. It was fustrating but I realized I needed to be patient. For some reason, her brain wasn't sending a message to wake her up when her bladder was full. It will come with time that your child won't wet his bed. It is common for kids to wet their beds. I did when I was that age. Check out webMD. That may give you some ideas. It helped me when I was concerned about my daughter's bed wetting.


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If you have tried everything, and he is still wetting the bed, I would take your son to his doctor. Bed wetting can indicate certain medical issues.

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my 4 yr old does this on occasion as well. he doesnt wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. what i have found to help our situation is he doesnt get anything to drink after dinner. he gets his dinner drink and thats it. i also encourage him to use the bathroom before bed.

Susan - posted on 09/28/2009




Through the age of 7 as the body is still developig it is not uncommon to have night time accidents. We keep a crib line pad underneath linens just in case. You might try waking hm up at 10 PM or whenever you goto bed to get up and try empty the bladder. We also try not to give anything to drink an hour before bed time and must try going potty bfre bedtime.

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