what age do i have to start potty training with my baby girl?can i let her start when she reach 8months old?thanks..


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Shyann Christa - posted on 09/29/2012




It is not recommended to start early 8 months old in my opinion is Way to young ...potty training at a young age can be bad on the baby's bladder they may hold there pee or pOop to long and get infections ..it happens to a lot ..I wouldn't rush it ur kid is still a baby I would wait until at least 2 years old a lot of doctors say trying to make a kid potty train before thy are ready is not good on the child a lot of personal issues will come out of it from your child ..your child is ready when they know they are peeing or pooping in thief diaper they let you know , they bring u a diaper , if they are taking there diaper off , following you to bathroom pointing and saying poop /pee/or what ever it is your family uses to describe bathroom using , sits on there potty and says poop /pee ..8 months old is to early but it's ur choice if u want to get her to start but I would wait

Elfrieda - posted on 09/24/2012




Wow, 8 months is pretty old. Well, if you want to wait that long, I guess it will probably be okay.... ;)

I just started (again after a false start 8 months ago) with my son at 33 months. It's been a week and he has one or no accidents per day, and those are just very small messes usually. He's just in underwear for the awake hours though. If you start when they're ready it will go faster. My niece has been potty training all her life, basically. Her mom did a relaxed form of that elimination technique where you stare at the baby and when she seems like she's about to go, you hold her over the toilet. Now she's almost 4, and still working on staying dry.

Janice - posted on 09/24/2012




If you want to introduce bathroom skills at a young age you can but there must be zero pressure to actually potty train. Bring your baby with you when you go to the bathroom. Get a little potty and have your baby sit on it sometimes. If your daughter has the ability to stay dry for short periods then this early introduction will help her become potty trained when she actually can walk to the potty and so forth. Those who who potty train early put their children on a schedule and just make them try every 1.5-2 hours until the child can tell them when they have to go.

Sarah - posted on 09/23/2012




You start when they are ready. 8 months is VERY young. Most kids are 2-3 years old when they are ready to start potty training. They have to be able to talk...tell you when they need to go. They have to also have the control/strength in their muscles to be able to control when they go....this usually develops around the age of 2 yrs. If you start too early or before the child is ready you set yourself up for failure and a LONG road. Encourage them, but don't push.

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