What age is good to get your active son out of the crib? he is a terror!


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I agree, if they can "crib jump" it's time for a toddler bed. Or even take the sliding rail off if you can (depends on the type of crib you have). If you can't keep them in their room (I don't like shutting the door on them) then try putting a child gate in their doorway maybe. It worked great for me (until they learned to climb that too) lol

Sarah - posted on 05/12/2010




my son is a 1 1/2 and we are in the process of going from crib to bed, if he is already climbing out then there's no sense in keeping him in the crib he's just going to get hurt but convincing him to stay in a big boy bed is another story, we have made it to the point when he falls asleep we put him in the big boy bed with the side rails up and if he wakes i go in get him let him fall asleep and do it all over again. ps my little one is a terror to! good luck try to get a bed close to the floor

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