what am i to do

Shannon - posted on 06/22/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




my one year old son is always hitting and pinching and biting. I dont know how to handle it?


Katherine - posted on 06/23/2011




Ok, I have a concentration in behavior modification. This is what I suggest: When he does these things do not say a word but pick him up and move him to a chair. If he gets up, pick him up and put him back. Keep doing this for however long it takes. Don't look at him or say ANYTHING. Ignore crying and just keep doing what I said. He will stop. It may take 20 times, but trust me he'll stop.!


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Shannon - posted on 06/27/2011




i failed to mention this in the beginning he doesnt express this type of behavior toward me just other children and his dad and one of his grandmas, i dont get it the other children are nice to him but he walks up and hits, or pinches them and then he gets to biting. he doesnt play well with other kids his age.

Erin - posted on 06/23/2011




Agree with everyone. My sister had this problem with her son, though it lasted a long time. But in the end that's what she would do. She wouldn't say anything to him. Place him away from her and either stay where she was or walk away from him. He was a very attached child though, so sometimes it was harder. Good luck

Jennifer - posted on 06/23/2011




I agree with Katherine, just want to add a little. Usually those types of behaviors are a cry for attention (not saying you don't give him a ton already, just in his mind, he thinks he needs more). So, just make sure when he is being good that you give that to him. It won't take too aweful long for him to realize that he gets more attention being good than he does being bad.

Bec - posted on 06/23/2011




I agree not attention and if you do need to give the absolute minimal. The other thing is does he do this when you pick him up from behind rather than front on as some find the picking up front on to confrontational as far as space and face in face.Thats why they grab pinch and grab your face off, geat isn't it LOL. My son use to do this and throw my glasses off my face so I would them be crawling around looking for them kind of embarrassing. i love it when my son says don't embarrass me mum...I think if only you knew!!! you could also try as and when you do pick up not to talk straight away and don't have eye contact as this gives them a sence of space sort of. Diversion distraction get them to focus on something other than you as you pick them up or have them sitting with you. My son grew out of it and it went on for awhile he is 11yr now. Last bit of advice a champas in the afternoon or a brandy LOL

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