What are some activities that I can do with my 3 yr old son for like arts and crafts?

Brandy - posted on 11/08/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Just wondering since its getting cold outside what kinds of things I can do to help keep my son occupied and also help him stay active?


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This is a list of things we've done recently (most of these are ideas from the Internet)

-fingerprint friends (use ink to make fingerprints then use markers to add faces, etc.)
-cut pictures from magazines to make collages (based on a certain letter...example: finding pictures that start with the letter "f")
-listening game (find objects that make sounds and blindfold kid and have him guess what the sound is)
-touch and feel game (same concept as listening game)
-apple prints (cut apple in half and there is a star in the middle - dip in paint and then stamp onto paper)
-candy graph with Halloween candy (sort candy by type, count how many of each type and mom made a graph)
-made clouds (tore apart cotton balls and glued them to paper to look like clouds)
-use q-tips to dip into paint and make dot pictures
-look at family photo albums (a favorite around here)
-cook and bake together


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Summer - posted on 11/09/2011




Finger paints ROCK!!! i got some water based paints at the craft store and let my 2 1/2 yo Daughter PAINT her pumpkin for halloween, SHE LOVED it and it was super easy clean up... I also got her some small wooden bird houses and she painted those too. I also make homemade playdoh ( so if she eats a little bit no biggie, or if it gets on the carpet it comes out with just water)...

If you need the recipe let me know

Lisa - posted on 11/09/2011




kids aged 2 and 3 like sticking stuff best for arts and crafts, pom poms, goggle eyes, foam, glitter etc, can get messy though so make sure you put paper down :oS my daughter (just turned 2) has just made a lovely little butterfly, 3 different sized pom poms stuck together to make a body, pipe cleaners for antennae and legs, foam shapes decorated with sequins and glitter for wings and tiny pom poms for eyes and a nose, she had great fun, just obviously dont leave him alone with crafty things that he can swallow. Staying active is pretty easy indoors too, my little one loves to dance, sso we put on music and dance and jump around in the living room, sometimes singing songs that have actions. Hope that's helpful :o)

Miranda - posted on 11/08/2011




finger paints? and if you are worried about a mess you have him do it in the tub. Not sure if 3 is considered too young or not, but I can't see how it would hurt anything if it's non toxic paint...

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