What are some funny things your children do, not say, but do?

Chesnie - posted on 07/29/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




What are some funny things your baby/toddler/kids do? I have a few of my 14 month old daughter.

1)She goes through my tank top drawer or dirty clothes hamper and gets a tank top or my bra and puts the strap around her neck and walks around the house. It's even cuter when she is walking around only in a diaper and has them on. When I have my clean underwear on the floor she puts them on her head.

2)When we say NO to her for trying to stand up in her high chair or get into something, she looks at me then busts out crying. Every time! She cant take NO for anything!

3)last for now, when she wants something (say a drink from my cup or more food)
she raises her right hand up in the air. I ask her "you got a question", ?

...lol share your funny stories, also share if your children do some of the same things, please!!


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Chesnie - posted on 07/29/2010




ladies..these are hilarious..Kids do the craziest things..Peyton does the drama crying thing too..She looks at me, puckers her lips up for about 3 seconds then wails...

[deleted account]

ok my 16 month old cracks me up!
1.) When her sister does front rolls she puts her head down on the floor and just sits there
2.) If you tell her "no" she will do this drama cry/leaning/fall onto the floor. or she will put her head down and cry as long as she can as loud as she can

My other daughter likes to go and direct her sister in what to do. Shes like a "lil Mama'

Amber - posted on 07/29/2010




my oldest daughter (will be 2 in aug.) plays with our dog using a cat toy (looks like a fishing pole) and sqeals and screams when he chases her.

or she will climb into the sink of her play kitchen.

Just today she climed into her baby sisters bassinet and started screaming 'HELP' lol

once we heard her through the monitor yelling for help, so we rushed into her room and she had thrown all the clothes out of her dresser and then used the drawers to climb on top of it! She was after a book her daddy reads to her at night time.
as you can see...i have a climber on my hands LOL

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