What are some of your best Christmas traditions?


Skylar - posted on 12/23/2008




I like the Advent calendar. We use one made by my mom that I used as a child, so it has a generational traditinal feeling to it. We turn over one picture per day, beginning December 1. They are made with fabric, sequins, lace, etc. and all have something to do with the Christmas story (angels, shepherds, wise men, the gifts they bore, sheep, camels, etc. the 23rd is Mary, the 34th is Jospeh, and then on the 25th, it's the baby Jesus). As we turn one over each day, I have my daughter tell me what it has to do with the Christmas story. We also have a "fun" advent calendar in the shape of a snowman with little drawers you pull out, one per day, that have Hershey kisses or tootsie rolls in them for the kids. My mom did something similar for us, but much better I thought--she actuall wrapped one very small gift for us to draw out per day from a gingerbread house she needlepointed (stickers, pencils, tops, candy, etc.), and we opened one per day. I LOVED it as a kid. I was frankly too lazy to prep that for my kids, though we still have the gingerbread houses my mom needlepointed, and I may do that when the youngest is 4 and there are more small things avialable besides candy he can get into!

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Julie - posted on 01/08/2009




Like most families, we end up with some yummmy baked goodies every Christmas. We like to freeze them until Christmas eve when we set them out on the table to thaw for the next morning.

So, our tradition is to have a Christmas breakfast of baked treats, fruits, cheeses, and summer sausage.

...and coffee. Gotta have the coffee. lol

It makes Christmas morning more special than if we just opened gifts.

Laurie - posted on 12/28/2008




i share a tradition handed down from my mom every yr we put up picture of everyone from christmas past. i have even my parents on santa lap. the children like looking at them and it gets us talking about family and great memories. this year my 4 yr old said thats when i asked for a sister and santa messed up and gave me a brother buts thats ok mommy i love matthew

Kerstin - posted on 12/28/2008




well, my childern and granchildern, have two christmas, as my mother is german, and it is there christmas tradition to open the gifts on christmas eve, we all have to go my mothers house dressed in are best clothes, then we have are meal,once that is done ,the childern have to sand round the christmas tree witch has only been put up that day , and sing christmas songs, I really love the my mam dose this as it brings back my child hood momories when my brothers and i did it, now my granchildern and my mothers greatgranchildern will carry this traditions on then they wake up on christmas day and they do it all again

Amanda - posted on 12/28/2008




On Christmas Day, the kids and I bake a cake and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. It helps them remember that Christmas is not only about Santa and gifts...

Carolyn - posted on 12/23/2008




Making different cookies and then making up plates to deliver to the neighbors with my boys -- they love helping and sharing Jesus's love with our neighbors!

Jana - posted on 12/23/2008




My daughter is only 16 months so we are just beginning the Christmas traditions. So far here favorite one this year has been "The Elf on the Shelf" www.elfontheshelf.com It comes with a little stuffed elf and a book explaining the rules of Santa's Scout Elf. We move thim around the house every night after she goes to bed and she loves finding him in the morning. We got our elf as a gift from family friends and their kids LOVED their elf and now the elf is a tradition at their house even though their kids are grown and gone.

Emily - posted on 12/23/2008




Last year we started making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers as a family activity. My sister also hosts a graham cracker gingerbread house contest every year. Last year the winner made the Hogwart's Castle complete with Harry riding on a broomstick. This year we had another castle, a house of horrors, an airport... we've had a lot of fun coming up with creative ways to use candy and graham crackers. :)

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