What are the signs and/or symptoms of Diabetes in a pre~teen?

Bridget - posted on 11/13/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Are there any tell~tale signs or symptoms of Diabetes in a child?

My stepson has been putting on weight for months. I changed his diet back in August and it hasnt helped. Switched his milk to NonFat. Taken away pasta, fried foods, some cereals, changed some condiments to low fat, etc. Added in more veggies and fruit than before. I even have been rinsing the veggies that come in a can.

For lunch, he eats at school. I had him taking a lunch but he kept throwing it away and eatting there. So I was getting the little pieces of paper saying I needed to pay for the lunches he had been eatting. They wont deny a child lunch. The teacher doesnt eat with the class, and the school wont have someone watch what my stepson's eatting. To have the Fruit Bar, he had to eat everything on his tray 1st. They over load the tray with food. The teachers cant even eat all of it. And now, theyve taken away the Fruit Bar ~ the healthies thing he could eat.

My friend who's an LPN and another friend who works at a hospital, both said it sounds like he may have Diabetes, from what Ive told them.

My stepson just turned 12 on Wednesday, 4'8 ~ 4'9, and weighs 117.6 pounds. Which puts him 28 to 32 pounds over weight. Both of his parents are under 5'3. Their families are both short in height. So I am greatly concerned.
He hasnt grown in the past 11 months, except in shirts and shorts. He wears a size 16 in shirts because sz 14 is too tight in the chest, arms, and stomach. As well as a size 18 in shorts, below his belly.

So if anyone has any info, that'd be great. Thanks for reading and replying, if you do.


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Kelina - posted on 11/13/2011




Take him to his doctor. Also if he refuses to eat the lunch that you send for him, make him earn the money for his lunches from school. If he has to pay for them himself maybe he'll think twice about throwing away what you give him. One thing you can also try is cutting wheat from his diet. More and more people I know are discovering an intolerance to gluten which pretty much means cutting out al wheat. Lol even one of my dogs and my in laws dog have issues with wheat and everyone I've talked to has said they feel so much better without it in their diet.

Kellie - posted on 11/13/2011






Link one is about Type 1 and Link two is about Type 2. Then theres;




Google is your friend, but I'd also be taking him to the Doctor for a check up. Also ditch the veggies from a can, it is LOADED in sodium (salt) and preservatives to keep it long life, fresh is best but frozen is also just as good. Ditch everything that comes in a can (if you can of course) or limit it as much as you can.

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