What camera do you have?

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My camera broke! I'm pissed. I paid about 100 for it and well, the one before it I paid 100 for was awesome so when I got my new one I was mad at it. Photos are fuzzy. The clarity just wasn't the same and the lag time also makes pictures not turn out how I want them. I found myself suddenly unable to catch that IT moment, ever!!!!!

Soooooo, I went to Bestbuy and tested a few but haven't seen any that have decent clear clarity, and a low lag time between the time you push the button and the time it takes for the camera to take the image (even if you do that 'half way down' 'ready' press) they all seem to lag horribly..

I'd like to know what camera/s you have. How much did you pay? How is the clarity? How is the lag time?

I'm sick of bad photos :(



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