what can a 4month baby learn

Priya - posted on 05/18/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi mums, I'm a first time mother.. I'm curious to know how I can teach and interact with my 4 month old baby.. He recognizes me so well and listens to what I speak and also listens to music...


Samantha - posted on 05/21/2015




Babies that young respond to black and white objects really well. Also playing peek a boo helps them learn about separation. The act of you hiding your face behind a blanket for a second and then pulling it down and saying peek a boo lets them learn that if you go away you will come back. Talking to them and tummy time is important to teach them to lift their head up just make sure you can prop the baby up under his or her chest till they get the idea of what to do. Funny faces helps as well. My 10 year old really liked baby Einsteins but im not certain if they still make the old little Einsteins. In the old ones it shows them objects talks in different languages plays classical music says numbers and letters and shows babies. Babies love seeing other babies faces. A play gym that they can lay on their back and look at the toys. That's really how they learn by introducing objects and telling them the name of it. Babies can get overwhelmed easy though so slowly introducing toys with lights in sounds will help with that. If the baby happens to not like a toy or it scares him or her put it away for now and then try it again later. It may sound silly now but read to him that way when he is older he appreciates reading more and it helps widen his vocabulary. I have signing time (it's a show that helps kids learn sign language) They make a baby signing time and the early learning of ASL paired with the graphics and the babies on there can also help with vocabulary as well as being able to communicate with him before he starts talking. Things with different textures also helps him learn that not everything is the same. Their attention span is not very long at that age maybe 30 secs to 2 mins. Also quiet time is necessary as well to not have him over stimulated. If that happens it could be harder for him to sleep.
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Hi, there is also couple of people who developed activities for babies from birth.
Glenn Doman (USA) and Kindyroo system in Australia (already internationally available). I am happy with both, my daughter too.

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