what can i do for my husband to clean


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Amy - posted on 01/06/2010




tell him if you didn't have so many chores to do, you'd have more time to do things like --shave legs, shave other areas, not be exhausted when it's time to go to bed....lol. :) actually i gave him a choice. i asked if he'd rather have dishes or laundry as his chore that helps me out. of course he sees dishes as faster, easier and less work. he often did dishes for me and then realized how much time it takes and bought a dishwasher - well, bought himself a dishwasher, really. it's like his manly kitchen machine. :)

Michelle - posted on 12/29/2009




Hire someone to do what he will not do and when he gets the bills he will realize it would be much cheaper to do it himself and if he doesnt he can continue paying someone

[deleted account]

make a "honey- do" list of all the things you want him to do other than clean, I give my husband a choice of at least 15 a week, whichever ones he gets done I am okay with knowing he is the only breadwinner, and knowing this house is run well by me. He mows the lawn, takes out the trash, paints, mops once in a while and will unload dishes, give the kids a bath, and let me sleep all day when I am ill, which is rare. It works better for us that he do the "manyly" things. The pool cleanig is also his amongst others I don't care to do. He also cooks half the week. that helps alot. But Dow bathroom cleaner is my dearest household helper. I feel okay with our routine, you just have to find one that works best for you. I also dont't sit in traffic one hour there and back a day, and make sure to get an hour to myself to read, study or be online. Just as long as you appreciate what the other does, you will be fine.

Nicole - posted on 12/29/2009




Sometimes I have to go on mini strikes to get my point across. For example, you don't want to put your clothes in the hamper = no clean laundry. My husband does usually do what I ask him and I can't complain too much because he does support us and allows me to be a stay at home mom. He just needs reminding, like a 30 yr. old child, lol.

Joannie - posted on 12/29/2009




I find its all about his moods and when you ask..my husband will get an attitude sometimes..and other times he helps out you need to know how to read your ( put funny name here) lol! and there is a very small window of oportunity so you have to act fast..it sounds funny but it works give it time!!

Carol - posted on 12/28/2009




I heard one guy actually admit to doing chores half-assed so his wife will think he can't do them so she won't ask again. I think it's a secret class they all take when P.E. finally separates us. My husband is fantastic, I love him dearly, BUT he has never seen the obvious. Point out politely what you'd like done. ie If you're preparing for a BBQ go over what you plan on doing and ask if he can help with any part of it. My husband talks about all the BBQ's he puts on but fails to see that I buy all the supplies, make all the side dishes, and clean before and after anyone comes over. He puts the meat on the grill and bastes it once every half hour. If I mention the outside chores I need done before people arrive, he usually will do them with minimum griping. Good luck.

Hdlb123 - posted on 12/28/2009




My husband wont clean unless I tell him exactly what to do, so thats what I do. Its horribly irritating to me but it does get a few things done. I dont get him to do much, bring up the laundry, do dishes once in awhile, things like that. But he does bathe our toddler on his days off or if hes home from work in time, and he'll cook on his days off.

Renae - posted on 12/28/2009




My husband has never cleaned in the 10 years we have been together. He didn't clean for the 7 years before I married him so I had no expectation that he would change after I married him. If I nag I will just get a grumpy husband. This is just how we are and it will never change. Sorry I can't help you! :)

Renee - posted on 12/27/2009




My husband doesn't clean either but what can I expect he's a slob always has been always will be. If it weren't for me all his cloths would be dirty and he would be throwing dishes away when they got dirty! So if your husband was a slob when you meet him don't expect much to change!

Sarah - posted on 12/27/2009




give him a set list of chores. make it the same every week. I have my husband take out the trash every night, vacuum on thursdays, and wash dishes on any days we have sex (as a trade off). that is what he does every week, and it never changes. he always knows what is expected, and I never do it for him. does it make him mad when the trash is over flowing, yes. but its not my job and it happens very rarely now that he sees that I mean business. start off small and work him up to it.

Jessica - posted on 12/26/2009




Just give up. Will never happen, no matter how much you ask nicely, argue, fight, leave....blah. The list goes on. You will never get him to clean inless he is a saint and in that case send his brother my way. So just except it, get over it, or move on. Sorry this seems harsh but that is a man. Good Luck Girl. Let me know if you find a trick!

Tara - posted on 12/26/2009




Tell him that if you are exhausted from trying to keep the house clean, you are too tired for sex (kidding...sorta). Honestly, just tell him what you need done and ask him nicely to do it - he might actually surprise you an do it. My husband helps clean if I ask, but I've also had him watch our girls for a few hours to see how much I actually do during the day and that seemed to help in getting him to help around the house.

Temeka - posted on 12/26/2009




I'm watching this thread!! I'll tell my husband to help out - it lasts for about a...er...2 hours!! I'm wondering about how to make it consistent!? Heck, I hear the garbage truck coming down the road and peek out the window...NOPE! He didn't take it up...again!! I go racing up in my robe, diaperless baby in one hand (yeah, in the middle of a diaper change...) Oh, goodness...What do we do?!

Susan - posted on 12/26/2009




divorce him :) or just ask him to do little things like empty garbage and take it out

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