What can I do to help my relationship with my bf and my son....?

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I know alot of mums are in a worse position than me but to me this is bad. I'm currently a stay at home mum to a 9 week old. I'm 18 and my partner is 19. Hes up and away for work at 7am and returns at about 5 or 6ish. Yes he does love to spend time with his son which is so important to me but after such a dumb boring day it really bugs me that he thinks a good conversation is "what did you do today" sometimes I feel like saying WTF DO YOU THINK, THE SAME AS EVERY OTHER FRIKEN DAY! but i reply by repeating just washing and dishes and vaccuming etc. thats the end of our conversation. He spends all day working all over the city and he seems to have done NOTHING remotely interesting all day! I just feel so dumb, I get barely any adult conversation and all he wants to do is play his stupid xbox. he never offers to help with dinner he just waits for it to be cooked. He is amazing with our son but all I wana say is what about mum? shes here too and she would like some attention or help with the chores too. It's really getting to me all this stress and boredom or whatever it is and it really upsets me that one day my son might see me like this and it may make him sad and that makes me feel even worse. but I never get to talk about it because after dinner its xbox time and then bedtime. I can't even get to sleep anymore. it's well past midnight and here I am on circle of mums.....any advice please? thanks xoxo


Amy - posted on 04/14/2010




Well, I feel your pain. And I am guessing most moms can understand the feeling like we don't get any adult conversation. Are you able to take your son to the park? Or a mommy and baby group? That would get you out and give you adult conversation! also, have you explained how you feel to him? Most of the time guys just dont think about that. They arent trying to be rude or anything they just dont think about it. Is there any games on the xbox yoy like? Maybe play a game together or something. I hope it gets better for you.

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