What can i do to less hyper my child down? He is always so jumpy and hyper active.


Ruth - posted on 12/03/2009




my 12 year old is like this. and has been since day one lol oh i remeber she used to only sleep 2 hours a day when she was like one year old untill she was 4 boy did we have to have a lot of things for her to do. we used to have coloring books and crayons every where and giant leggos and stuffed toys she was always comeing up with games. we taught her to ocupiy herself most of the time because no one should have to be a entertainer. when she was one though we did put some toys on her crib and just went in if she hollered at night to check her diper or feed her. but after she was potty trained she would play video games while we slept. make sure there is no caffine at all in the diet that means even cholate.


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Myra - posted on 11/23/2009




My daughter is almost 18mo and a ball of energy. I wouldn't dream of trying to slow her down because the release of the energy makes her sleep better and happier (and she isn't destructive, just runs around and plays and such). As long as yours isn't using the energy to be destructive, I wouldn't worry over it as long as they can calm down when they need to; meal time and things like that. You can always put that energy to good use by recruiting them to help with household chores if they are old enough, though.

Michelle - posted on 11/23/2009




I agree with Julia on the goin outside...fresh air seems to do the trick. When is his most hyper time of day? Do it then.
Like Caryn Said cut out/down the sugary foods with additives (youd be suprised what foods contain them). Try giving him a high calourie, high fiberous luch such as potato/rice/pasta dish that will release energy slowly.

Instead of acidic fruits try bananas. Brain boosting food.

you kinda have to work with a hyper child if thats just the way they are. (as long as they are not being nasty and violent, thats a diff story). hyper children need to be occupied all the time. Get him activities he can do like helping you tidy up, washing the car! thats a fun one! and very exhausting.
Sugary foods give that short burst of energy then a low so try to avoid these when poss.

My nephew is exactly the same and cant sit down! even when hes tired. the best thing that works for him is to give him a good run around outside then come in and eat a real nutricious dinner...and boom hes asleep!

If you have friends or family or even get a baby sitter for an hour a week just to give you a break and for them to do the running around!

Caryn - posted on 11/22/2009




Look at what kinds of foods your giving your child. Junk foods, foods with artificial colors,ect can lead to hyperactivity. Instead of a bag of cookies for snack try an apple. They taste just as good and are MUCH better for you :)

My kids very rarely get junk foods/candy..

Julia - posted on 11/22/2009




depends on how old your child is. Mine is 3 and i have him help me with everything, i have him go and make a mess in his room (so hes not breaking things) then make a game out of cleaning it. hes constantly moving so not only do i put his energy to good use but he gets to have fun and use his energy. Also going out side to play will help. The fresh air always seams to wear out my son.

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