what can i do when its time to feed her mushy foods?

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when its time to start giving her mushy food how much do i give her? do i feed her 3 meals with the mushy food or do u give her more and is it better to make my own then buy it??
can i give her rice cereal as well?


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If I had a do-over with my oldest child, I would feed her like I feed my youngest child! Rice cereal is a processed filler with no nutritional value. I skipped that and the puree baby food stage with my youngest. When she was showing readiness signs (sitting up on her own, able to pick up food, and had lost the tongue thrust reflex) we just started putting teeny bits of whatever we were eating on her tray AFTER she'd had her fill of breastmilk. She was 6 months old. She doesn't always get the food in her mouth, but that's part of the learning process! She loves sucking on bananas...lol! Technically breastmilk or formula is all a baby needs until his/her first birthday. If baby is showing readiness signs, then you can start, but you don't have to.

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I would start with a cereal. it gets them used to eatting then I always moved onto apple sauce then bannanas then green veggies before all else. my kids are all wonderful eatters and will eat just about anything I put infront of them.

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I always made my own, the jar stuff is over priced rubbish.

Start by giving one solid a day, I like lunchtime as the child is fully awake and if they do have a reaction there is plenty of time for you to be aware and get treatment where needed before you put them to bed for the night.

I steamed fruit and veg then mashed it (my son hated purees) then spread them into an ice cube tray for portions, this can then be frozen for later use (banana doesn't freeze well). At first I used one cube and fed what was wanted, then as my sons appetite increased I used more cubes.

I started with fruits, doingthe same one for a few days at a time, then moved to veges, then added in chicken and fish and started mixing flavours. The biggest thing is to take it slowly.

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How old is she?? My oldest started baby food at 5 or six months but my youngest was more than ready at 4 months. I started them both with bananas then applesauce. I never made my own. Depending on how old you can do the rice cereal. But it's a good idea to do 1 food at a time to make sure there is no reaction (tummy ache, skin rash, ect) Do one for a few days then a new one.Niether of my kids liked the rice cereal so I never even bothered with it. :)

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