what do u do when ur child is a hyper kid.

Zeenia - posted on 09/11/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is extremly hyper and is in a stage of bitting , pulling hair throwing tantrums!! what is to be done.. have tried scolding him, punishing him.. but it doesnt seem to work...


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Cheri - posted on 09/11/2009




We also have a 7 yer old son with the same problem. We read a book called Potatos not Prozac and live by it with him. We even saw a very dramatic rise in his test scores at school. It takes them off sugars and give protein. We have done this as a whole family and I know when I am feeling down and missed my protein. We have had to medicate him after year of trying other things, but that was our choice and it worked for us. Good Luck We also figured out when he is bored it get worse! He is an above level learner now that we have been able to slow him down and he can get all of his thoughts out in a slower manner too!

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How old is your son? We had problems with our daughter from birth and she went through these stages and progressively got worse. By the time she was 6 her tantrums were violent and would last 1-2 hours straight. We have gone from doctor to doctor and have been told she had ADHD, ADD, ODD and the latest diagnosis was PDD. The doctors had her on all kinds of meds and would not listen when I told them she was getting worse on them. When I arranged a meeting with the special ed dept. at her school I found out that the school felt she was worse also. Since the doctor would not listen I chose to take her off of all meds myself. Over the summer we took her to a pediatric neurologist for testing. Blood work, an MRI and an EEG were all done....the results...we found out that the reason the meds made her worse is because all of her brain scans came back normal. The neurologist said there was no way she could have any of those disorders. Since then we were instructed to put her on the Feingold diet and she was sent to an occupational therapist who diagnosed her with Sensory Processing Disorder. The OT told us to get the 123 Magic program...a lot of work but it worked much to my surprise! That was in July...she has made so much progress I can't believe it is the same child! It took us 6 years to get her the right help...I hope you don't have to go through the same thing. Good luck!

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AHH! I hear ya. ADHD runs in the family and ah it is hell. The only thing I have ever done that works with my little brothers is firstly to ignore them. Second to get hyper with them! Sounds crazy but I also have ADD so it came easily. When he was screaming I start stomping my feet obnoxiously until his ADD tendencies would make him forget what he was freaking for and switch his attention to what I was doing.. Cranking the music and dancing around like a monkey.. didn't take long for him to join me. ADD children or people, they're mind is CONSTANTLY wondering. I don't believe in drugs, just adapting. When he's mad direct his attention else where, see how that works for ya!

Chris - posted on 09/11/2009




I was a really hyper child, and what would work with me to calm me down was attention from mom or step dad. when they would say, ok, you do this(like play dolls or run or climb or count beans or whatever) then after I am done with this chore, I will do this with you. my step dad would read to me, teach me numbers, take me for a trip to the store, whatever. looking back, if my mom would have put more effort into spending time with me, I would not have been so HYPER trying to get her attention. When my kids were little, I remember having to direct them to doing something constructive, like "helping" in the kitchen while I cooked or did dishes. by the way, tv is a horrible way to "babysit" hyper kids... not that you do , but I have experience and know it makes things worse, even if in the short term things quiet down. about the hair pulling and biting, isolation works wonders as long as you are consistent in the consequence of isolation pretty much wherever you are. one very important thing that I still have to catch myself with (my kids are much older) is not getting pulled into the emotions. like raising my voice, getting mad at them. it is just better to say, Im sorry you did that... now you won't be watching whatever show tonight or whatever you have chosen to as a consequence.

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