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Sheri - posted on 11/09/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I went to a friends birthday party and I am the only one who is a SAHM. One of my friends asked, in a non-rude way of course, "What do you do all day?" I tried to think of an answer while feeling pissed off inside about her question. Really? What do I do all day?!!!! Where do I even start? I am constantly chasing after a 9 month old who is crawling into everything, opening up cabinets (Which we havent baby proofed yet), dishes, laundry that never seems to end, dealing with the dog, grocery store runs, cooking, feeding a baby that seems to take such a long time, and dealing with our house being renovated. I know I do so much more, but can't think of all I do to be able to explain to someone who has no idea how hard of a job we have!


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Melina - posted on 11/10/2010




THere are moms that like being home and moms that would rather work. I'm at home with my little one and we do a lot, playgroups, swimming, crafts, games songs read stories... Myself I have a home based business that I don't even get to until the kids are in bed. I spend about an hour a day on that and the rest of my time is home cooked meals. I think that the women that asked you is ignorant even though you said she asked in a nice way. Maybe she didn't get the chance to stay home with her kids??? In my opinion you miss out on a lot when you are at work all day and spend maybe an hour with their kids before it's bed time. If they actually make dinner. maybe they will order out to make their life easier..lol I don't know.

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I try to focus on things I do that the working moms don't do, like volunteer work or time with my friends. With the economy the way it is now, even many working moms are doing their own housekeeping, cooking and laundry, so I don't mention those b/c I can hear her thinking "Well, I do all that too, and I have a job on top."

I tell her about volunteering for the school reading program, Publishing Center, PTA muffin sales (which pays for all the nice extras our school has), YouthBASE, and planning the benefits for the Children's Museum.

I try not to let it bother me, they are just curious. When I worked, I had no idea what I'd be doing all day as a sahm. I never thought about all of those things b/c I never had time to do them before.

They are also probably a little jealous, and if I'm feeling vicious, I flaunt my free time by talking about my latest brunch with my girlfriends, or mid-week shopping trip to buy cute shoes one mark-down day, but mostly I try to be nice :)

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It makes me angry when people say that. I do the same things, take care of my 15 month old, cook, clean, go grocery shopping and entertain my little one. It is alot of work. And I hate it when people say she doesnt want to go to work because she is just lazy and doesnt care. I held a job from the time I was 14 until a week before my son was born so I know that I am a hard work and raising my son is the hardest job i have ever had to do! Its not just a job to be a stay at home mom its a privledge!

Chrystal - posted on 11/10/2010




I hear you on that one! I have a 4 month old and she is a full time job who wants all of my attention, plus trying to get all of the housework done. Being a SAHM is a full time job and people are so quick to judge. They will never fully understand what we go through until they are in our shoes.

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The days do vary, sometimes its more hectic then the last…

I do all that you do…but I have 3dogs that are very much like kids..and they run off at least 2-5 times a month so I have to hunt them down in the neighborhood…

I also read, paint, take photos, make jewelry…except for reading, I picked up doing theses hobbies after my second son was born who is now 7mons 2weeks…so I would have more to do then just housework which can become mundane!!

Women who don’t stay home 24/7 don’t get it…they can understand to some degree, because they come from work and deal with there children, but to be home MAJORITY of the day….that is something different

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