what do you do if your baby is sleep and he want you to hold him but,wont stop wiggling?


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I know where you are... You are holding him, trying to cuddle him to sleep and he realizes he's falling asleep and starts kicking his feet, flipping the head from side to side, doing pushups with his little arms... acting like he's trying to fight off the SLEEP, more than he's trying to fight YOU off.

When my boy starts this I add a jiggle. There is this annoying foot jiggle thing that people do and it makes everything on the table go tink-tink-tink..... I do that. It's a little bit more motion and the baby seems to really respond to it. He'll fall right out. I wonder sometimes when that trick puts him to sleep if it's not a matter of reproducing motions he remembers from the womb? Like maybe that jiggle is close to what he felt when I was walking around pregnant?

Joanne - posted on 05/15/2010




my son wiggles a lot, i let him move around in my arms til he gets comfy, he might go through each position a couple of times but gets there in the end.

Tina - posted on 05/15/2010




put him down. It sounds tough I know but a baby who wants to be held, but wont stop moving will tire you out and you're important too.

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