What do you do to add income to the household or does your husband do it all?

Davena - posted on 08/05/2014 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am curious to know if a majority of moms would like to be home but still contribute to the bills or make their own money.


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Chet - posted on 08/29/2014




I have worked on and off. My husband earns the vast majority of our income though. There have been times when my working actually cost us money.

However, my not working, or not working much, makes a lot of things possible. We've been able to move around for for my husband's job. I have the time to put into home made things, or shopping around for good deals on the things that we buy. We both know that our quality of life would take a huge hit if we had four kids and two parents working the kind of hours that my husband works. A happy household need a lot of things that aren't monetary.

Bobbie - posted on 08/10/2014




My husband does it all, it's been that way since before we got married. I've always felt a bit guilty about never contributing to the household budget and as such I almost never spend money on myself.

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