what do you do to keep your nerves in tack when your 14m is cutting 4teeth at a time?

Hope - posted on 05/13/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I'm the mother of a 14m. she cutting 4 teeth at a time and verry slow. shes earritable and very clingy. I know she cant help it but after a while it does wear on my nerves. And my husband is using this as his excuse to not want any more. he doesnt want to go threw this all over again. Any suggestions as to how to deal with it. We have already tried tylenol around the clock, ambasol, oragel, teething rings, and even a little wiskey.


Kristin - posted on 05/14/2010




Which one do you want to deal with, child or husband? Your husband is being silly. Each child goes through everything differently, so this is pretty weak as a reason to not have any more.

For my boys when they went through their respective rounds of teething, I gave them teething toasts and biscuits, frozen slices of apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, peas, chunks of mango, all of these in one of those mesh bags unless I was sitting there with them. The cold helped to numb things and being frozen made them fairly firm. I would press down on where the tooth was coming through too. Anything to get that sucker to cut through faster. Teething toys too. I think one even stole a dog toy at one point. Lots of bubble baths, distraction will be your best friend here. I medicated only at night and if they were really having a tough time with it, just brought them into our bed for snuggles.

If things are really bad, talk to her doctor. See what they can do as you've tried everything else. Have you consulted with a dentist? They may have some good ideas.

Leslie - posted on 05/13/2010




Natural teething tablets they can disolve if u want or just put under tounge it works great! Well for us and gave them to my gf who's baby teething bad and she thank me so much our daughter wasn't that bad tho she started to get teeth by2 m and had most of them by 1 . Ice chips maybe too it's also something fun;) good luck


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Jessica - posted on 05/14/2010




remind yourself it will be over soon. just be glad it wasnt a four month old....

Lucy - posted on 05/13/2010




Just a thought if you weren't aware, you can use infant paracetamol and ibuprofen together. It was life saver for us!

Lisa - posted on 05/13/2010




my son ripped one of his blankets. I got the hard rubbery chew toys w/grips. this way it's made for teething. I had gotten the king that twists. this way it got to several teeth at once and he gets to play w/ it. not the soft kind the hard one. she will like it. as a toy w/ colors & to chew on for her teeth. That's what my son was using before his 1st birthday. no whiskey. we tried ambasol, and other types of teething rings didn't work. just try it. he liked his hard toys too.

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