what do you do whe your 2 year old dosent want to sleep in their own bed and you have tried alot


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Jane - posted on 08/13/2009




make it fun and be honest - be sure to tell him that the goal is for him to be in his own bed, don't make promises that aren't going to come true. be upbeat. sleep is an issue that needs to be associated w/positive attitudes. he's obviously not feeling independent on the issue already. my daughter loves her turtle twilight nightlight (you can order it from amazon). and get a routine - bath, book, bed. give him a sticker board and give him a sticker to put up for each night he sleeps in his bed one at night when he gets in bed and one in the moring when he wakes up. you could start out by staying w/him after you read the book until he falls asleep but let him know that you won't be sleeping w/him and if he wakes up all he needs to do is call for you. for me, i can't do the Ferber thing. my parents had seven kids and never had to do it. for me, bedtime should be cozy. if you get him into a routine, he should take to it and eventually he will love it. i never thought my 2 year old would put herself to sleep, but the day has come! she goes up and gets in bed and some nights she's asleep by the time i get to her to read w/her. make him part of the routine, let him turn off the lamp next to the bed, pick out the book, etc. and i always go upstairs after dinner and put the lights down in her room and book on the bed, etc. does he have a "lovey"? maybe he can get a new one that's just for his bed, stays in bed all day, protects his room, makes sure he has good dreams, etc. get all things "baby" out of your room and into his.
it's such a hard issue b/c the less sleep a person gets the crankier they get. as much as we love them, we all need a good nite's rest.

Julie - posted on 08/13/2009




Try camping out with him! SERIOUSLY! make your bed on the floor with him... and then gradually move it closer to his bed.

Keep his bed in your room. There will honeslty come a time when he will want his own room, but allow him to tell you when!

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