what do you do when a little one is having a paddy with you , and youve tryed to calm down


Amy - posted on 01/02/2010




If my daughter throws any kind of fit, we just take her to either her bedroom [which has no toys] or the bathroom where there's nothing to do but tinkle, and tell her to have her fit there, we don't want to hear it. and she is there by herself - no mom or dad. It usually puts a stop to it. or i tell her she can go to her room for bad behavior and when she's done singing all of twinkle twinkle litte star, she can come down. one way or another, it gets us separated so we both have a breather from each other. :) If we're in public, i have LEFT whatever i was doing and taken her out to the car or to the bathroom until she cooled off. she's now 3 and we rarely have any issues. that's just what works for us. hope it helped. just whatever you do, be consistent. they need to know that you mean business. if you say you're going to take away a toy, do it. gonna not let them go somewhere, don't let them.

how old is you lil one?

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