What do you do when your 3 year old bruises easy....

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My 3 year old bruises massively easy...if we pretend to take his nose...his nose bruises from grabbing it...even if it's lightly...this has caused a MASSIVE problem because now for the 2ND TIME...child services has been called...I'm getting so sick of this & having to deal with child services & people thinking we are abusing him...I'm at a loss...he has a drs appointment friday now to have a few tests done...but this is just getting ridiculous. What would you do if you were in this situation?


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Thank you very much Tracy. I am glad that you made me aware of this. I originally thought there was only like 1 or 2 things that could cause easy bruising other than getting them from playing & being active. I will definitely bring this up to the doctors when I go in. I just looked up what can cause easy bruising & there is a whole list of things that can cause easy bruising. I found 6 medical reasons plus when a child is very active. I will make sure that I get that paperwork & give it to his school when he starts elementary school. Thank you so much Tracy, I truly appreciate it.

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Sometimes when children bruise easily it can be a sign of a blood disorder. When you have the tests run on Friday make sure you get the pediatrician's diagnosis (ICD-9) sheet that tells what condition is suspected or being tested for. Then once you have a diagnosis, be sure to get a letter from the doctor that clearly states that your child bruises easily and why. When child services comes calling, you have documentation of your child's condition. Make sure you share this information with your child's preschool, and later on, his elementary school, but you do not have to share it with anyone unless you feel it is necessary and in your child's best interest.

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