What do you do when your ex won't talk to you-even about your child?!

Sherry - posted on 04/21/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My ex & I obviously split up & are going thru a horrible custody battle over our 4 yr. old daughter. I wanted 50/50 custody, never wanted a war, thought 2 parents are better than 1. He thinks complete opposite & is doing everything he can to take her. I know we will more than likely end up with 50/50, (how it is now). BUT... he won't speak to me, or make decisions with me about her. He says what he does on his & her time is their business, and to a certain degree, i agree. But, i should know what church she is attending, or what daycare she is at, or who is watching her!! We recently went to parenting classes, I hope something sunk it to him...


Saundra - posted on 04/21/2010




Me and my ex have shared custody of our two boys. In the legal papers it says that both parents should know where the kids are at all times and if plans change the other parent should be notified. Don't worry, just get through the custody part, which is the hardest, after things are defined legally it will be better. He won't want to go against a court order. If he tries to make problems for you at a hearing, they will most likely just give you full custody. Hang in there girl, I know it sucks dealing with an ex!


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Steffanie - posted on 04/21/2010




I am sorry that your going through this. Divorce and custoy battles are extremely difficult,and emtionially exhausting. I am so sorry that your ex husband isn't working with you for the betterment of your daughter. He is being petty, and hostile if you ask me. Start documenting how he is refusing to explain to you were your daughter is spending her time. You have a right to know who your daughter is spending time with, and were your child is going to church. If you ask me, I would ask for full custody and give him visitation if he is acting this way. I cannot believe that it is having a good effect on your daughter. He isn't thinking what is best for your daughter, and just acting out of anger. I would go as far as taping conversations you have with him concerning your daughter, so the judge can hear how childish he is being. Hopefully with time, this situation will inprove. I am sorry that your going through this... My advice, protect yourself, document, and sense he wants a fight, give him one. Maybe he will back down if he thinks you want full custody too... I hope all works out for you...

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