What do you do with a husband that works all day and spends the rest of his life in bed because he's tired? No Love, affection, sex,, over 12 year and ready for divorce?


Johanna - posted on 07/17/2012




I have had a similar experience, and I know it is hard. In my opinion I think you should talk to him about te feeligs you are having, tell him you are beside yourself, because it is NO marriage if you are always by yourself with no affection or adult conversation. It is no fair to him and it is not fair to you. I suggested to my husband that we go to couseling or cut back h is hours at work . My husband didnt want to figure out how to fix ay of these problems we had. He just didnt care. So in turn, I temporarily left. I came home 4 days later with a big improvment. To turn around a week later for it to go back to what it was when i felt alone. So I left and it was the best decision i ever made for me and my children. YOU CAN BE ALONE ALL BY YOURSELF. if he doesnt wanna change he doesnt care about the situation or you as much as you want him too care about you.

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