What do you enjoy about staying at home with your kids?

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I love that I can see my children grow up before my eyes....to help them learn about new things, explore life and the world around them. I used to be a day care teacher for 15 years and have always loved working with children. Being in the day care taught me to take time to enjoy every minute you have with kids...they need it! I was like mom to a lot of the kids....the parents loved that the kids enjoyed being in my room and that their child was safe and would learn something new that day :)
Now I take what I have learned and put it toward my kids each day....we learn together how to clean, play and try to keep the house organized LOL! I wouldn't change it for the world!
During these time when the economy is tough and jobs are hard to find ....I know that my husband has a great job and I can also work part time when I can from home....when it fits into my schedule. My kids are my first priority and I love that I get to stay home and spend time with them each day and help others by working 5-10 hours a week.


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Christine - posted on 04/06/2010




Everything! Well pretty much. I love the freedom that it gives me. To not have to plan the simplest of things around a job. I love being a mom, to see their first smile, to hear their first word and to help on the journey of taking their first step. I look forward to the coversations that I will have with them as they grow up. To really know them and to share life with them. I love my children and am so happy that I have a husband that can provide enough that I get to ride on the rollercoaster of life in my own home. Life is great!!!!

Heather - posted on 04/06/2010




I love the fact that I have the biggest influence on them. I love that they learn the most from me, and I'm not trying to kick other people bad habits that they have picked up elsewhere.

Sara - posted on 04/06/2010




I like knowing that my daughter's safe at home with me, and not at some strange day-care. I had her in day-care for a month when I tried to go back to school, but I felt like she was getting ignored. She was very young (2 months) at the time, and they had her propped up in the infant swing, with a bottle held to her mouth with a towel. I was so upset that I dropped my classes, took her out of day-care and have been at home with her since then.

I know that she's missing out on interaction with other toddlers, and I'm looking into a play group right now where I can start to socialize her. And now, I've just found out I'm having another baby...so I'll really need some help here soon. I just hope that I can find someone to watch her that I trust.

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