What do you feed your young kids for lunch?

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I feel like I always make the same thing for my boys lunches...Any ideas or suggestions that you use for your own kids?


Ashleigh Jade - posted on 04/15/2011




What do you usually make them?

My kids aernt fussy, they pretty much eat everything under the sun lol
i try to change it up so instead, of sandwhiches everyday il get them to help me make a wrap. They love rolling it up and then eating it.


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Sarah - posted on 04/17/2011




the only one home at lunch most of the time is my 5 year old son ( he only goes to school in the morning). he likes all kinds of stuff, and it depends on his mood. Lunchables ( meat and cheese with crackers), easy mac, grilled cheese, spaghetti-o's, peanut butter and jelly ( I just started making my own jelly). If I have fresh fruit in the house, I give him some--he particularly likes berries

Jess - posted on 04/17/2011




I usually give Ava whatever I can find in the fridge or pantry. Most of the time its fruit, yogurt, sandwich, rice crackers from the health food section *she loves them*, spaghetti, ravioli, rice cakes with cheese spread, she has thing for jatz biscuits at the moment, so I give her those with cheese... only if she didn't eat jatz for breakfast though. We often have breakfast meltdowns when she see's the jatz box !!! And usually has milk or juice as her drink

Stifler's - posted on 04/17/2011




Usually Logan has a sandwich (vegemite and cheese, peanut butter, honey, promite, anything really) and some grapes or apple slices on the side.

Kim - posted on 04/16/2011




If they don't buy lunch at school, which is most of the time, they get ham and cheese sandwiches, DD gets PB sandwich, DS gets PB&J or Chef B. Ravioli, and DD will have Spaghetti O's that is it! At one time they did like Cheese sandwiches but don't anymore.

At home they will have any of the above, sometimes Mac and Cheese, soup or cereal but really that is all they like. They ate a lot better as really little kids, like under 2!

Donna - posted on 04/15/2011




A mixture of the following either cold pasta a sausage roll or sandwich with a piece of cheese some fruit and veg and a biscuit or yogurt.
Lunch is always cold in out house, s sometimes they get last nights leftovers too.

[deleted account]

i normally make them chicken niggets n french fris,ham sandwhiches,they love any kind of fruit.its just seems like im in a rut with the same thing over and over.LOL. but you guys have given me TONS of ideas...i really appreciate it alot! ive writen everything down for when i go to the grocery store :)

Nikki - posted on 04/15/2011




My daughter eats heaps of different things. Her favourite things would be spinach and fetta ravioli, cheese spread sandwiches, fruit salad, dried fruit, rice crackers and cheese, boiled eggs, yoghurt, omelette, avocado and tomato on toast.

Amanda - posted on 04/14/2011




My 2 and 3 yr olds like noodles, canned soups, pb&j sandwiches, pizza, chicken nuggets, fish sticks...lots and lots of stuff! Hope that helps!

Louise - posted on 04/14/2011




My daughter that is 2.5 has an array of things to eat each day. She loves marmite sandwiches or cheese spread and alsorts of fruit and nachos. If we are out and about she likes a hot sausage roll or french stick. She does tend to eat off my plate alot so if I am having salad she eats the cucumber and tomatoes and will try smoked mackeral or whatever I am eatting. My daughter also likes unsweetend popcorn and brown toast and pate. She loves breadsticks and humous and pita breads filled with banana and honey. Any sort of crusty roll goes down well and I put tuna and cucumber in it to give it a bit of moisture. Dried fruits are also handy to give out at lunch time as they are easy to eat and make no mess. Carrot and pepper sticks with cheese also gives her a new texture. In fact as long as my daughter eats something I am really relaxed. Now my daughter is older she pretty much asks for what she wants for lunch and as long as it is semi healthy I am ok with that. 9 times out of 10 she wants marmite!

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