What drives you to stay motivated to keep your home organized and clean???

Erin - posted on 10/20/2010 ( 24 moms have responded )




Ever since I can remember I have absolutely no ambition or motivation when it comes to my home. Now that I have two, it seems near impossible. I'll have little clean spurts and go through the house like a machine and voila it's done. But lately those are few and far between. My house is clean, just not tidy. My husband used to be a neat freak and since we've been together so long, he's slackened on that now. I know that when it come's to a clean house, it's an impermanence in life. It will always have to be done every day. I feel like I need some inspiration and advice on how to get motivated and stay motivated to keep my house clean, tidy and organized. Maybe some success stories would help? Please anything?


Rebecca - posted on 10/24/2010




Oh I know how you feel. I used to clean my heart out before kids and I loved it... now- its a chore. A few things I have done to help:
- I have boxed up the kids toys and I have put 2/3 of them away (up the top of a cupboard out of sight). Then every few weeks I rotate them and they get all excited over their new old toys. :) And they actually play with all of them again. And I just keep rotating them. Its made a huge difference.
- I have introduced a 2 month rule for myself and my hubby. Anything in the bathroom, kitchen (minus applicances etc) and office that we have not used in the last 2 months either gets chucked or given away. I don't know about you, but I tend to hold onto some things that I might use or will one day use, but then when that day comes I will most likely buy a new one or something. So now I chuck, chuck, chuck.
- Plastic tubs of all sizes are awesome. You can use them to sort the kids stuff, kitchen stuff, bathrrom stuff, store clothes... everything. And the best part is you can see in them so you can stack them up in cupboards and still see whats there. My son is 27 months and he has his own 2 small tubs for his special toys and he can put whatever he wants in them, but as soon as they are full and the lid can't go on anymore, he has to get rid of some things. He is so funny watching him choose- he umms, and arhhh about it- but eventually he gives me a pile and I put them away from a while (or chuck them depending on the age/condition).

To motivate me for housework- I have written myself a little routine/roster. I have set days for washing, mopping, changing sheets, cleaning the bathrooms etc. And then I also a checklist of daily jobs- dishes, etc. And I literally tick them off. It really does help me actually do it, and it feels great to look at the ticked off list everyday. You can be as detailed as you like. I use the same sort of things for my son- he has a little picture list of things he has to do before bed, like brush his teeth, pick up his toys etc and he absolutely loves it. And then he gets 2 stickers when he has finished it all. He gets so excited.

Well I hope that these little things help you. :)

Jeanette - posted on 10/21/2010




i think every women has this problem especially those with kids. i am the exact same i will some times get up in the morning get the kids off to school and then just blitz the house. other times i cant be bothered to do it. if you dont feel like cleaning then DONT . there is a difference between a dirty house and a messy house . i have a messy house (a teenager and a disabled daughter, and a husband). but it is not dirty. who says you have to keep the house immaculet. as long as it is not unhigenic it doesn't matter if you have the odd day when you dont clean. some times i just decide not to do any house work it doesn't make me a bad mum or wife. it just means i'am taking a day to my self.

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Chris - posted on 10/29/2013




get a cleaner, it will motivate you to tidy before she comes and your house will be clean for a short while once the cleaner has been.
I try to make it a Friday so that the house is clean for the weekend when everyone is home.

Sherri - posted on 10/28/2013




Trying desperately to find some motivation myself. :/ Became a SahM after injuring my back and losing my job 12 months ago. Recently married and Step-Mother to 7 kids. The 3 boys live with us ages 5, 19 & 24. My husband works 1 week on 1 week off so I handle the yard work, home repairs, expenses, everything. Living with 4 boys and having a menagerie of animals and a back injury makes it hard to keep up with everything. I can't ever seem to catch up. I feel lost and helpless most days. :'(

Flylady.net has helped a lot I must say though. I highly recommend it. Good luck to us all :)

Kim - posted on 10/26/2010




I do Flylady.com you should check it out. Its free, nothing to buy, just sign up for free e-mails or read their website. It does help a lot in that they give you chores for the day and an area to clean for the week. I do slack off here and there, but when every time you turn around there are clothes, toys, even wrappers @@ or your husband's stuff(can't seem to put anything away!) everywhere you can't help but get depressed and say the heck with it some days. They get time off too why shouldn't we?!! But the beauty of Flylady is they say to jump in where you are! I did have my kitchen and diningroom clean for like a month then my husband came home with a bunch of junk and put it all over the counters and table(why we don't eat there anymore), the kids made stores in my diningroom and I have been too busy to fix what they 'cleaned'. Depressing. But I have been getting out winter clothes, packing away the summer, neatening the kids room, so even though the main parts of the house get messy(not dirty), my upstairs is getting cleaner. Its so nice to walk into a room and see open space-kitchen counters, an aisle in your room, etc- that is what usually gets me motivated again.

Alyssa - posted on 10/26/2010




I've always had a problem getting motivated to get things done around the house. It wasn't until I told my husband it would be cheaper if I baked bread instead of buying it at the store that I had to get my act in gear because he took me seriously! I now have a reason to keep at least the kitchen clean! And then there are all the kitchen towels and dish rags that will have to be washed and while I'm doing that, I might as well put in a load of laundry. But in order to do that I have to get my son's clothes out of his room and before I do that, I put away some of his toys or books. So the whole bread baking thing keeps my house at least a little organized but my kitchen is absolutely spotless! I have also found on the days that I just don't feel like doing a darn thing that if I turn on some music, I feel much more up to doing things. Its even easier for me to get things done if I take a shower in the morning and get dressed. But I still have those days where the only thing I accomplish is lounging around in pajamas and feeding my son. Its the perks of being a SAHM :D

I think I will take a leaf from Rebecca's book though. Those are some handy tips.

Avvy - posted on 10/24/2010




Everything in its place,no excuses. Bathrooms, made beds, and a neat and tidy kitchen are where I start. You might consider that children live what they learn.Set easy goals,do something everyday to tidy up but also keep this in mind ..... Keeping a perfect house with young children under foot is a little like shoveling snow before the snow stops!

Claire - posted on 10/22/2010




I also watch Hoarders. It has done wonders for my attitude and house! And if I start to get lazy, I go to Netflix and put on another episode as I clean.

Anne Marie - posted on 10/21/2010




The biggest thing that I try and remember is that I am a stay at home mother, not a stay at home maid. Since I stay home, I end up doing more housework than my husband, but he still has the understanding that the majority of my day is spent caring for, playing with, and overall interacting with our son. When the hubby is home on the weekends and in the evening, he helps out with both baby and home, and we each make an effort to keep the house clean. I have just decided that spending quality time with my son is more important to me than having a spotless house. That being said, I keep things clean, but I don't mind a little clutter.

Corinne - posted on 10/21/2010




I've just had one of those mad days where you look around and think omg I live in a sty! Stripped everyones bed, put 7 loads of washing through, washed windows, the bath, loo, all the work surfaces and cabinet doors in the kitchen, vaccuumed, polished, wiped.......and you know what? It looks no different to when I started! and tomorrow it'll be worse. Know exactly where you're coming from. And why is it I always feel the need to do it just before M.I.L comes over? :)

Jenn - posted on 10/21/2010




I don't know if I have any real motivation in particular - I just do it because it needs to be done. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

Debbie - posted on 10/21/2010




I agree with Bethany, I too use the flylady.net way of life and agree with some of the other Mum's too that we should be focussing on our children rather than how clean our house is. It was hard for me too as I am a typical type A personality and organization and neatness go hand in hand. Since having my three children which includes 3 1/2 year old twins I have had to let go of some of those tendencies for now and make sure that my house is tidy if not totally clean. I make sure that the main level of the house where people enter through the front door is picked up and my kitchen is clean. We are fortunate to have a toy room so the kids toys go in there and I just shut the door, it gets blitzed every now and again. I have broken my tasks down into days, so I do the bedrooms one day, the main level another day and then the basement on another. I have also found that by doing laundry every day I don't have mountains to put away and I hate doing the laundry so pyschologically for me it is easier for me to put just a small amount away each day rather than piles on one or two days. It's tough feeling like you aren't accomplishing the most simplest of tasks and believe me I struggle with this still and my eldest is 8. I also try to do things in the morning around the house and have the afternoon to do stuff with the kids, doesn't always work but it's a work in progress. Good luck and don't feel alone, there are a lot of us out there that go through the same feelings and emotions, as long as your children are happy and healthy you are doing a great job and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Bethany - posted on 10/21/2010




Firstly, check out flylady.net

Then, well, that's it really. Ever since I have been following that site's routine and suggestons, my domestic life has been alot better.

I finished the Baby Steps ages ago and now it's habit, and so other than the simple routine things, I just check Kelly's mission for the day and just do that most days.

Jess - posted on 10/21/2010




Someone once told me that my house was a 'dirty pig-sty'. Anyone who knows me will know that my home is ALWAYS neat and tidy. Mind you, this person has OCD and cannot have one thing out of place. So even though I know it was a HUGE overreaction on her part, I use those words as my motivation and think ''oh yea? ill show you! my place is going to make yours look like an episode of hoarders!" lol i know probably not the best way to go about things but it forces me to be a little more attentive to the little things that I usually overlook! Like scrubbing the panrty once a fortnight and dusting BEHIND the fridge. :) I love the feeling when I wake up and walk through a clean house.. So I usually wait until my son is in bed and take a few hours each night to do the housework. That way its still clean first thing, whereas if i do housework of a morning, its trashed by my son and partner by midday..

Cindi - posted on 10/20/2010




When I first became a SAHM almost 9 years ago, I had all these visions of having a clean house, having dinner on the table at a certain time, and having a happy, healthy baby. Only 1 out of the 3 happened and it was depressing. When I saw a therapist for post-parturm depression she said when you look back in 20 years (and your children look back) are you going to remember how clean your house is all the time or the special memories of spending time with your kids? Now, like you, my house is not dirty, but sometimes this is just stuff around especially after me and my 4 year old has been home all day. Sometimes you just got to let it go. I am not a believer in picking up at night before bed. I am too exhausted and with dinner, baths, and story I need to relax after my kids are in bed. Do what you can and don't sweat the small stuff! Good Luck!

Melissa - posted on 10/20/2010




Sorry no success story hear but I can relate.....I had a cleaning chart on my fridge and that lasted a month! laundry is my nightmare...I can not keep up with it, loading the laundry no problem putting it all away ugghhh!! My room is a closet! I have gotten better at dishes, sweeping, and keeping my baby's room clean but everything else is a pain in my behind! I have started day two of taking an extra 15 mins a day and picking a room and do a quick clean! So far so godd...we will see how long it last!

Missy - posted on 10/20/2010




I think of how hard my husband works everyday. I make a list in the morning of the things I would like to do. Mostly I choose one thing a day that must be done. Monday is laundry, Tuesday I try to do all the floors, and Wed is the bathroom, oh I gotta get on that! Well, he has off on Thurs and Fri so I try to have the house pretty much clean when he comes home and by the time he goes back it's all over a hot mess again. Little things I do everyday are making the bed and closing the shower curtain and straighten the towels, dishes and pick up toys, it seems pretty put together then. I don't alway make dinner, some times I want him to. But I am trying to get to that point. Im still new at it all.

Kristi - posted on 10/20/2010




i find baskets keep the toys off the ground but my son's toys are still accessible. they are put away at the end of the day everyday, my son and i treat it as a game. i think keeping the house clean sets a good example for my kids but i want them to see everyone pitching in not just mommy. even though the house gets messy again day after day, i just feel better when the house is presentable

Bonnie - posted on 10/20/2010




I know exactly how you feel. I think sometimes I overwork myself and that doesn't help with my motivation on other days. I have some days like today where I go go go like a machine and things get done in no time. My motivation is when I know I am having company over even if it is just family and they say they don't care because they are just coming to see us. What I usually try to do is get a couple of cleaning tasks done a day so that way i'm not killing myself. The only problem with that is that before you know it, it is time to start all over again lol.

Stacie - posted on 10/20/2010




I have similar struggles....I never get it done and yet I am always organizing! I think you should focus on if your kids are happy and you and your hubby are happy......you can have a beautifully clean house later!!

Audrey - posted on 10/20/2010




I am also wondering the same thing!!!! My house is clean but everytime i think i am going to get sit down and relax my husbend comes in with some friends and my house is a mess again....sometimes he just comes in and just thorws stuff down...how can i make husbend understand that i need help and to quite throwin things down on the floor???? you are not alone i also need help...

Candy - posted on 10/20/2010




My kids are my motivation. Also watch horders one day. That would get anyone in the cleaning mood. I always think of them.lol I dont want them to grow up living like pigs. I live by my mom's motto. My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.

Jessica - posted on 10/20/2010




I am wondering the same thing!!! My house is far from a mess but it isn't organized and put together like maybe before kids. My son has too many toys to fit in the toy box and some too large to fit and too many clothes! and i need help too but I also wanted to let you know that you aren't alone!

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