What educational dvd's did you start with?

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My daughter will be 2 in April which is when we'll start letting her watch t.v. We'd like to offer relatives a dvd option for Christmas presents for her and are looking for educational dvd's only. We're hoping to find musical ones or learning colors. Anything for the early learner and of course it has to be fun.


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We go to the library and get DVDs that she's interested in, like science videos on fish or tigers, or shows in chinese... she loves those!

Erica - posted on 12/07/2011




As a former pre-k teacher I honestly didn't feel baby Einstein was advanced enough. We love the Rock-n-learn videos. There is also these wonderful videos on YouTube that my son loves. Just go to YouTube and type in children's: numbers. They have a bunch of different videos for colors, shapes, alphabet. It will be posted by xoaxdotnet. They have educational videos for kids of all ages. I am a huge fan! I also like the children's music from a guy on dreamenglish.com. He also has fun educational songs in YouTube!

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Baby Einstein is great i used it from day one when i would shower that was my child's tv time... the problem i had was my child at about 2 1/2 or so lost interest so looking for something that would allow me to get my shower time back i started Mickey mouse... still educational do lots with numbers, colors and patterns might hold your lil ones attention better

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My children simply LOVED the BABY EINSTEIN series of DVD'S.. To encourage foreign language there's also the MUZZY series *we got this from the library ! There's also the tried/true SEASAME STREET.. I would also like to encourage you if you haven't already to look at your city/location library programs. I live in Ohio & we have wonderful programs & specials for small children. Story Time in your Pj's & other fun events geared to small children... Good LUck & have FUN !

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We got our son Your Baby Can Read and started him on it when he was about 5 months. He watched it 3 times a day (the first DVD is shorter, you do 1 DVD at a time for about a month or two each, then you can start over) and he watched those while I did some cleaning, then we also worked with the flash cards and books that came with the program. He'll be 2 in 5 days and he's already pointing out written words, he knows his letters, and he's already speaking in full blown sentences. I definitely think the program helped, because we're not geniuses in this family by any stretch of the imagination lol. And just like the other ladies said, Baby Einstein is great, too. Our son is very musical and loves instruments, and I think the DVD's are a big reason why.

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O.K. everyone. If their isn't a video that you'd recommend please DON'T REPLY. I'm only asking if their was something you liked that seemed educational and fun rather than just video's of a princess. I'm not trying to train her early to get her into some private preschool someday. I'm just looking for something healthy for her to watch.

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Brittany is correct. Videos are not a good source of educational material. They are great for exposing kids to things they wouldn't ordinarily get to see, but for actual academic learning--letters, math, etc. hands on experience and reading work better. They may learn a few memory words and math facts from TV shows, but it's just memory, not the actual "how" behind the fact.

I think that is why so many moms & kids love the Baby Einstein videos--they don't really teach much at all (a few do, but they were not as good in J's opinion)--they just expose the child to music they would not normally hear and make it a focus for them. It activates different areas of the brain that videos with people talking in them.

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I'm big on the Wiggles. Mainly because it gets them up and moving with the music. My daughter adores Blues Clues. She recently started to respond to the cues they use.

Honestly for learning number, colors, etc. I found the wooden puzzles to me more useful than videos. No video is really educational unless the parent sits there and interacts with the child during; in which case you might as well no use the video.

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J LOVED the Baby Einstein ones!!! He is 7 now, and I can totally see the influence they had on him--he loves instrumental and classical music, and he can pick out most major composers after hearing only a few lines. He also set 3 of his history lessons to music himself so that he could learn and remember them more easily. Not saying all of that is from a Baby Einstein video, but they certainly began the influence.

Katherine - posted on 12/05/2011




How about the Baby Einstein ones? My daughter is 2.5 and loves those.

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