What Food may increase breast milk ?

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My Child is 3 months old..please give me some tips...


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Healthy nursing tea is an organic herbal supplement that is great for boosting breast milk production.

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Sara is right! You could add fennel to your diet. Fennel seed. There are herb tinctures. But I always tell moms to just nurse more, nurse on demand...more nighttime nursing. Sometimes when babies start sleeping all night the supply goes down. That is why God intended for babies to wake in the night...also good time for bed sharing, or room sharing. I like bed sharing. Our 3 yo still bed shares sometimes so I can go to bed earlier.Make sure baby is completely empting your breast at each feeding so the breast understands it needs to make more milk. It works on a demand=supply routine. The more often it's emptied, the more milk is made. The capacity of the breast is determined in the early days of breastfeeding. If you did not build a good supply when baby was small in the first days, the supply will always be determined by that amount the rest of the breastfeeding duration. That is why it's so important to feed often in the early days.

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The best way to increase your milk supply is to nurse baby on demand. Around 3 months your breasts regulate so they feel softer and you may not feel engorged anymore. That is normal. There is also a growth spurt around this time so baby may nurse more often. That's normal too. If you're nursing baby as often as he/she wants and baby is having 5-6+ wet diapers in 24 hours then your supply is fine. Here's some great info along with tips on how to increase supply:


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Oatmeal can help, I've tried it and it helped me. Also there is a tea called mother's milk tea which I have not tried but have heard about a lot.

Visit Kellymom.com it is a site with a ton of info on breastfeeding including how to increase supply.

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beer has an enzyme in it that increases milk production. it is also in non-alcoholic beer too if you are worried about the alcohol.

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someone told me once beer (like drink half a beer) and hot chocolate? but im not sure how true these really are

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