What forms of discipline do you use for your 21mth old toddlers

Amber - posted on 08/19/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am struggling n this area, I have a determined little man that although I really do not want to spank him I have. I am trying the timeout chair routine but he just feels that it is a game No matter how many times I put him back on the chair. I try to do it where I explain why he is there and then say nothing as I put him back but he doesn't feel like that is punishment I think. He is a screamer and screams and sometime hits me, sometimes for fun and some times out of frustration but I am unsure of how to correct him on this as well because nothing seems to help. Please give me any advice that you can!!


Jenni - posted on 08/19/2011




Our community might be able to help you:

We use logical consequences, natural consequences, tools to help teach self control (ie: timeouts), distraction, redirection, ignoring negative behaviours (when they are meant to seek attention and aren't harmful), praising positive behaviours, providing your child with the tools to express himself appropriately instead of reacting physically to strong emotions (like anger/frustration/sadness/disappointment).

At 22 months he still lacks a lot of impulse control. So it's expecting a lot that you will be able to nip some of these behaviours in the bud. With consistancy in discipline, patience and redirection (or giving him the tools to appropriately handle strong emotions) with maturity he'll learn. It takes time to channel his negative behaviours into positive behaviours.

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