What is a night time routine that works for you?

Olivia - posted on 04/14/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hey super moms!! :)-
I have a 6 month old who is such a good baby when on a routine! I was curious to what routines work best for you in the evening? I'm dying to get into a routine!

Thank you!



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Janice - posted on 04/16/2012




In my home dinner is usually at 6ish. Then from after dinner till 8pm is play time. Some times this includes bath time but my toddler often demands showing with dad when he gets home.

At 8pm its pajamas, teeth brushing, and then stories in my toddlers room. Once she is settled by 8:20ish, I nurse my 4 month old and he is down for the night by 9pm most nights.

Ebrony - posted on 04/15/2012




I have soon to be 3yr old on the 22nd and a 1yr old who will be 2 in Dec. They go to bed at 9pm unless we are out at a party or family night, and they usually wake up around 8am. They eat beakfast as soon as they wake up, and get a cup of orange juice. My soon to be 3yr old (son) is potty trained and has a toddler bed, which he will come and knock on our room door to let us know he's woke. My 1yr old (daughter) will sit in her bed until he wakes up, then We go in the room and get her out her bed, change her diaper an fix breakfast. After breakfast my son sits on the floor and watch cartoons or him and his sister runs around the house playing. They only drink water or milk through the day. They take their own naps when they are sleepy and they eat lunch between 12pm and 1pm. They talk to family everyday on the phone or computer. They eat dinner around 5pm or 6pm. They get their bath at 7:30pm and my son can't drink nothing after 8pm. At 8:30 they pick up their toys and put them in the play room and are in the bed at 9pm, me and daddy get our kisses, hugs and I love u's in and it's night night time.

Hannah - posted on 04/15/2012




my 6 month old daughter gets her "dinner" around 6pm of baby food, then she plays while my husband and I eat dinner. At 7 or 7:30, depending on how sleepy she is acting, my husband will go get her in her pjs and read a story, Then I give her her medicine(acid reflux) and nurse her. She falls asleep eating, and then I lay her to bed around 8:30 or 9pm. She sleeps straight through till 5:30 or 6 am.

Chrystal - posted on 04/14/2012




We do dinner, bath, pj & milk, kisses, and bed on their own. We have a 22 month old and a 10 month old. Dad does the bath and pj part so I can take a rest after being with the kids all day. Routine is a big help with young kids. They can't tell time but they know that after A comes B at a certain point which really helps them from getting overwhelmed I think. We started our routine when my oldest was around 7 months; I did notice a big change in his mood and sleep habits for the positive after about two weeks on a routine. Our total bedtime routine takes about an hour

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